Today’s image might be the stragest of them all thus far. At Aquarius 23° we find A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All It’s Paws. This is a double Aquarius image, ruled by that sign in a twelve-fold sequence. It explores the connection between discipline and disciplehood. Like the previous image which provided children with some comfort, providing assistance to their growth and development, here we have a lesser being in the form of the bear who is able to achieve a level of activity that mimics human behavior and one that nonetheless takes discipline on the part of the bear and on the part of the human that would have instructed it. Self-discipline is had under proper training.

The bear symbolized our nore natural, if not beastly instincts which can be transcended via the personal trainer that is God or Soul. Again, it’s a combination of not having an image speak to me in a way that it inspires reams of response together with the fact I’m experiencing a bit of Sabian fatigure that dictates my keeping this a bit short today.

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