I’m hoping I have more connection to this symbol than I have had with the few previous ones. At 24° Aquarius, ruled by Pisces in a twelve=fold sequence, we find that A Man, Having Overcome His Passions, Teaches Deep Wisdom In Terms of His Experience, a constructive use to which difficult past experiences can be put as examples for those who are striving to overcome their passions. This doesn’t vary much in theme from those we’ve been exploring of late, the on specificity here being that every kind of experience can serve a spiritual purpose. This might be comforting to know if and when one feels they have been off some sort of axis, for even our so called down moments provide wisdom to impart. One might argue that they provide the most. I for one always feel most vulnerable when things are going well, that is to say when one is living some paragon version of their life. To me that seems tenuous and doesn’t provide much in the way of learning. We are often at our best when we are at our worst. Just as I find sticking to some sort of moral or spiriual model of perfect living can bring out the absolute worst in people. I think of those who become to married to organized religion or even self-help programs. There is something about drinking any flavor of Kool-Aid that narrows or closes the mind making people most judgmental, when compassion is meant to ensue.

Pisces is the sign of Love and Compassion, the cosmic mutable-waters via which we are purified, washed clean, the obstacles to our Soul-self being dissolved or made to vanish like mist. It’s in the picking ourselves up and brushing ourselves off that we learn the most. And, guess what? We are always picking ourselves up and brushing ourselves off. Those you know who feel they have some magic pill or program or self-image of perfection are the ones with the least to give. The twelfth house of Pisces is associated with strangers, the forgotten and disenfranchised, those in most need of said wisdom and compassion and for whom any of us can serve as an example. The young too need our special attention as does anyone strugging to overcome the compulsive drives of their emotional or biological natures. Our achievements are not our own but meant to stand as inspiration to others. The individual with this particular degree of the Zodiac highlighed in their chart will likely have this as a major theme in their life.

Everybody wants to keep it when in fact they should be giving it away, not to the detriment of the self, but to the benefit of the many. I have spent a good many years writing horoscopes and sharing them for the love of it. It’s the same with this Blague. I spend half my year producing performing artists and a non-profit festival in Provincetown. Even when I perform my own shows I give the money away. And I don’t might trumpeting the fact. I’m proud of the fact I spend time and energy in this way. And in truth I get a whole lot out of it. I get way more than money. I get a feeling. I get the feeling that I’m making some kind of difference. That adage about the rich man not having less a prayer of getting into heaven that a camel does getting through the eye of a needle. It’s true. It’s not a judgment, it’s a warning. Because greed is a disease. And material success can be spiritual downfall. You have to fight not to have it effect you.

The twelfth Pisces house is the poubelle, the trash, the bin. It’s the return of the material to waste but that’s not the end of it. That is the ultimate source. That which rots is the source of new life. There are things being bred in the trash bin. And metaphorically speaking, it is the cast-off, the discarded, the rejected people whose purpose then becomes distilled, it becomes the vehicle of their ressurection, it is the fuel for the fire of their passions. We are all those people at some point. And in the meantime we must participate in others’ rise from the trash heap as best we can.

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