Leo  24° (August 16)

Day Four E.D.A.N.O.W.W. And just a general sense of finding my way in this world once again. If I am to own that one particular business, then it should be the thing that I do. Trust me I know what I’m talking about. I for one can with a proper regroup and look you know the first line of business would be to finish this book and get it sold and get it out there it’s going to be published one way or another. And during the month of September I will complete half of it and already be well in my second half. I just need my questions are answered that is the most important thing at this point and the next two days should be very telling when I say the next two days I’m writing this up On August 23rd at 4:30 in the morning guess time doesn’t exist and we make her own reality I don’t want any negativity in my life I must eradicated at all costs I should like to sort things out but I don’t think that’s the actual course things I don’t know I think I’d just take my money and run The only thing I could do is my best tomorrow is the 17th and then there’s the 18th and 19th or 20th 21st who is second and now 23rd I have seven more of these to do so I might as well spend until 5:30 in the morning figuring it all out and just saying whatever the **** I feel and if it takes wine so be it hear it I love the way **** is a four letter word and wine isn’t . But I’m on to something I already feel on to something I think I’m going to take everything with me and find a place for it all except for this giant bed I want her to have the giant bed or I’ll just give it away but I think I will take the piano I mean there will be no one there really seeing it with being moved in but also like I barely plan and if I were to I did invite the entire household to come up and sing I don’t really need chairs just I should make my own little bell cafe really that’s what it reminds me of the bell cafe the entire thing reminds me of the bell cafe and I really think I could be very happy there I think I can make it so cool so I hope it happens and if it doesn’t there’ll be something else.

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