Leo  25° (August 17)

Day Five E.D.A.N.O.W.W. A little striped bass for a change tonight. I am trying ween off the restaurant thing. All the food I bought is threatening to go bad. But it is just so lonely to shop, cook, eat, wash dishes by oneself every night. I can’t even listen to music. Nothing cheers me up. The silence is deafening, the embargo seems cruel. I asked if I was that much an ogre and apparently not but wow it sure feels like it. I am inventorying still. Taking videos that will be too big to send. Writing this some days hence, I am finally in some kind of new place although I can’t say it’s a good place, just a different place, unfortunately a more jaded one. I never thought that I could feel like this. It just feels awful, really. I have much in the way of catching up to do—by the same token there is a slight sense of calm suddenly. I suppose just having all the information provides its own sense of clarity. I feel like I know who and what I am truly dealing with. And one of my best friends growing up, one who has been the one person truly there for me during this process. During this week I have been mainly lost in the day, punching my way out of the proverbial paper bag, still trying to piece together a picture of the truth. I really do think I stumbled onto a fun idea. But it could just be one of those concepts that make sense in the middle of the night. Either way I will have to revisit the (Not) posting. I long to get back to the place where I am just focusing on a page a day and I don’t have to try and pull things down out of the sky. I am hoping that today might be a start to that new reality. One can only hope. I am trying to look at the half full stuff and getting back into the magic is indeed part and parcel of it. I have to start embracing my freedom and some point while the agony of my sorrow still weighs so heavily. Hoping against hope is all I can really do right now.

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