Aries 10° (March 30)

Going to try to get over the pizzalalpolooza by having some brown rice and avocado and green beans and chick peas today and try to find some normalization in all this. Some proposal thoughts:

As my partner worked in fashion, traveling regularly to Paris and Milan, I focused on runway reporting and field producing episodes in those cities for “Fashion Television” and “Ooh, La La” (both produced by City Television, Toronto). As a celebrity writer, I mainly interviewed and penned features on UK and European actors, directors, designers and artists—Jean Reno, Helen Bonham Carter, Peter Greenaway, to name but a few.

I mention all of the above because it sets the scene for my success as an astrology writer. For fun, my partner and I would offer astrological readings to friends—editors, stylists, designers, models, journalists et al—traveling the same modish circuit. After long days in the fashion trenches we would read friends’ charts for free or complimentary coupes de champagne. Word got out and we were soon approached by industry folks we didn’t know, traveling on expenses, one in particular who was named top editor of a new magazine called Teen People and offered us a monthly column. It was meant to be the first teen magazine for both boys and girls; and we already theorized that males and females of the same sign were really different characters, so we decided on a “His and Her Horoscope” of twenty-four blocks of text, satisfying Teen People’s mandate as well as our own. 

Enter the shared his-and-her byline, Starsky + Cox, as I certainly didn’t want my editors at “serious publications” to know I was moonlighting as a teen magazine’s in-house astrologer. Being the seasoned writer in our duo, I necessarily penned the column and, subsequently the many columns and features for myriad other publications that would follow. The new teen glossy and our column were a huge hit, and not just with youngsters. At the time, Ellen DeGeneres joked that God’s waiting room had just two magazines, Teen People and Guns and Ammo, pretty much summing up the whole of the population. Adults, and those we now call influencers, were secretly reading the magazine’s horoscope, just as I was secretly writing it. 

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