Sagittarius 6° (November 28)

Going to local for dinner, a wedge and some short ribs. Je n’est que Paris en tête: Shopping

Le Bon Marché. rue de Sèvres, 7e. Quite possibly our favorite store in the world. And maybe the first ever department store on the planet (don’t quote me). Now owned by the LVMH group it remains a wonder. Beware: you can lose track of time in here.

Flea Market. There are many marchés des puce but with limited time you should go to the Marché Paul Bert Serpette which is at Saint-Ouen, “world’s largest antique and decor market”. Closed Tuesday-Thursday. It is within the larger flea market but you want to go directly there. Have lunch at Le Biron, 85 rue des Rosiers, or (where the market owners go): Le Paul Bert restuarant.

Merci. On the Boulevard Beaumarchais. Just northeast of Places des Vosges: Concept store with designer and other fashions and beautiful home items. A delicious plant-driven restaurant (La Cantine) downstairs. Their (Le Used Book) café library, where you can also eat—great for a late breakfast. 

Ailleurs. On rue Saint-Nicolas, a stroll east of Bastille along rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine in the 12e. Lighting, furniture, glassware, textiles, ceramics et al. 

Azzedine Alaia. Women’s obviously but is like visiting a temple. rue de Moussy, Marais.

Art-Depot (great vintage shop—I bought 60s Persol sunglasses) and Lambert Lambert (antique furniture).They are both on the rue des Barres (also rue Pont Louis-Phillipe, just opposite our favorite church Église Saint-Gervais) in the 4e near the river. There is also a Papier Plus shop and the Abbey store (at least that’s what we call it) associated with the church which sells things made by monks and cloistered nuns. The Eau d’Emeraude is something we always buy—it’s made by the same monks that make Chartreuse—and it is a healing miracle.

Diptyque. When you’re back in the hood near Chez René and Iode and Jardin des Plantes you can dip into (get it?) this original flagship store. It’s pretty beautiful.

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