Aries 11°

So, it’s been a over a week since I started writing the below Blague entry. So I have a bit of catch up to do. I have been making notes each day about the things I want to put out there to you; it’s just that Stella and I are off on holiday over the next couple of weeks and there have been a 101 things to do around our offices before we set off. Anyway here I go catching up on about seven or so entries over the next few days…

Picking up the thread of the previous post, let us say you have imagined yourself as the one and only person on the planet and what acting accordingly would look like for you. With nobody to dissuade or distract or deter or detract you, neither anyone to appease, attract, appeal to or be appreciated by, you would have singular perspective and, we imagine, a clear objective.

The only person who could keep you from reaching a goal would be you. You could be an actor. In fact you could play all the parts and be the sole person named in the credits (just like Vincent Gallo, an Aries of course—in fact I remember going to a screening of Vincent’s first film, Buffalo 66; the theater was pact and Diane von Fürstenberg stood up and said “Okay, Vincent, everyone is here. Are you happy now?” She obviously had his number which has, in my experienced seemed at times more like 666.

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