Aries 8° (March 28)

Will try to see if I can get dent out of car, otherwise I’ll call some body shops and arrange for tomorrow. I will let bookkeeper know I have more stuff and questions. Paying car insurance and credit cards. (I know this is boring stuff but these small survival things are best written down and this is good a place as any. Besides you’re not reading this.)

In effect, for the first time in my career as a humanistic astrologer, it is my intention to bottle and provide the many readers of my work, worldwide, some semblance of the care and guidance I have been able to impart to my clients in private consultation. Before we further explore the structure and content of Nextrology, let me offer some backstory, in biography form, opening onto what continues to constitute a successful press, promotion and marketing strategy and platform, with which I have uniquely positioned my brand status and appeal to date, as well as projects I currently have in the pipeline and plans I have for growing my audience as a solo author at this milestone moment in the creative development of my chosen craft and career.

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