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An excerpt from something I wrote sort of recently

The 1st Cosmic Energy is that of our basic being. Here we focus on our originality, in every sense of the word. This energy is funneled through the first astrological house, and is associated with the sign of Aries and it’s ruling planet Mars. It is the Arien energy of cardinal-fire. Cardinal is initiating and fire represents spirit. So the 1st Cosmic Energy is our initial individual spark of life, just as it points to the universal notion of Genesis or the Big Bang, these levels of interpretation being non-mutually exclusive. We’ll get deeper into this later but: just as the 1st Cosmic Energy is that of individuality in human terms, so too is it one of singularity, in the abstract. Meaning that the notion of multiplicity or metaphysical “levels” is anathema to its particular power. For example, it doesn’t distinguish between physical and spiritual existence. Stick a pin in that. For now, suffice to say that cardinal-fire points to both our biological animation and to the ember of divinity within us, at the same time.

Indeed, Cosmic intelligence discerns no real difference between the two, despite what most western religions would have you believe. The idea that, from the moment we’re born, we are somehow separate from the divine experience, now just mere mortals, who will someday (at our death, no less—right, cheers, thanks a lot) reunite with our divine creator runs counter to what the zodiac tells us. This notion is particularly at odds with the 1st Cosmic Energy, which animates each of us as divine creatures who take the form we do. And bids us to continue to be thus animated, forever becoming our own best creation. Such that, to ye olde biblical line, “we are all made in god’s image”, we would hasten to add, “that we see for ourselves.” For, from where we sit, who we are, and what we want, is one and the same with the proverbial Divine Plan. Our particular spark, our basic purpose(s) must simply be remembered, a word that etymologically implies a need to reconnect something that’s been severed or, shall we say, absentmindedly left untied until it can become—anagrams!—united.

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