Capricorn 20° (January 10)


I fell off the axis again, ever so slightly. Then again, grr, I never take a break. I’m so all or nothing as they say. And I was keeping up such a ridiculous schedule and so forth that I had to basically take to my bed for a week, just doing the minimum, to get through unavoidable commitments and deadlines. As I write this I realize that I’m even hard on myself when I’m pampering myself…no that’s not right, it wasn’t pampering…i mean to instead say: when indulging my exhaustion and not pushing myself…yes, that’s better. 

If anything this tired old boy has got to figure out to not work so hard. Being, for the large part, in the helping-other people biz, I’m used to the giving nature of my enterprise which isn’t, purely “scaleable” as the more type-A kids say. And on top of that I do wear a great many hats. I look very much forward to the day when “all things come together” which I think might be the ongoing outcome of living that life of unfolding I’ve been talking about these last several years. I am sure I’m not the only one to come upon that visualization, but it is a good one. For me, abundance needs to be included in the blooming process. See what I did there?

Anyway today that is what I was visualizing as I pulled my daily Tarot card and of course I got the Ace of Cups, which, visually, take on an overflowing, spilling pattern which is exactly like that which I was tracing with my arms as I pulled the card. All aces are about new beginnings and this one especially points to a promising time. It’s about being filled with spirit and signals fortune which must be met with an attitude of gratitutde. I’ll take all of it!


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