Capricorn 21° (January 11)


I think the uptick in my spirit has come about from the sense of remembering that no matter what happens, everything will be alright. This applies to many areas of my life and work right now but, just as a for instance, it can be so daunting to crank up the fundraising machinery to ask people for moolah for causes. But fuck it. People will either give or they won’t, whether they be strangers or bestest of friends. Either way I’m not going to chase them in the least but just keep moving through, moving through. Honestly, sometimes the friends are more elusive—fundraising is so not personal. I need to ask for money and people can say No, no problem. What is frustrating is when friends don’t write back to my pleas at all because then the friendship can get twingey and I hate that.

One thing I would want to tell the possible money friends is that we are doing the “movable” fest thing, activating Glow to present artists other places around New England, mostly focusing on museums and colleges as venues, punching the academic aspects of things. I feel that I might tap into Bard world and see what talent lurks.

I also want to say that, this time last year would prove to be challenging. Just as we were putting together the roster of artists, our Provincetown venue of the last five years unexpectedly ended that relationship and we faced the yearly succession of deadlines involved in mounting Afterglow in Provincetown when the very few venues in total have already planned and also booked their own season of performance programming. As if by some divine grace, the director of our original first choice for a venue, the Art House in Provincetown, decided to shorten its summer season by one week to accommodate us, and we were still good to go. However, this new partnership required more funds to be collected much faster in the planning process and it punctuated the point, which we already knew that we need to start our fundraising season sooner. At least we needed to solicit pledges from would-be sponsors sooner than usual. Many potential sponsors have told us, in recent years, that they commit their money earlier that we were asking for it.

It can also be daunting approaching artists. The landscape has changed quite a bit since we first began bringing performing artists to Provincetown, for instance. So many of our artists have gone on to bigger and greater things. But the fact is that most of the Provincetown, if not the New England population (not to mention international travelers to Provincetown), first heard the names of many artists who are becoming well known, because of our work in festival. Names like Bridget Everett, Taylor Mac, Penny Arcade, Justin Vivian Bond, Martha Graham Cracker, Drew Droege, John Early, Erin Markey…and the list goes on and on.


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