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In case you haven’t noticed I’m in full on festival mode with 3 big projects coming up this year; so I’m currently writing a lot about that, as I have much to communicate and little time for Blaguing these days, thus combining the two. Here’s a little info about our doings this year:

The first Afterglow Festival was presented at the community theater in Provincetown in 2011 with a variety show of festival artists that inaugural year at the Crown & Anchor where we went on to present festivals two through six, 2012-2016. We had a great run at the C&A presenting many artists in both its theaters. And we shall be forever grateful to Rick Murray, Rick Reynolds, Chris Racine and Steve Marsden and the entire staff of the C&A, past and present, for providing Afterglow stages and support, and for the many fantastic memories we shall retain of those early formative years of the festival. As we move to a new venue this year and expand our mission to champion Provincetown’s birthright as the birth place of the modern american stage, and honor its legacy as an incubator for new works of theater and live performance, something for which Afterglow has distinguished itself these past six years, premiering and developing works that have moved Off-Broadway and to great theater and performance venues and festivals around the world, particularly expanding our scope in New England and New York, we do so in a spirit of appreciation and we wish our former collaborators a successful season and bright future. Afterglow is proud of its ability to bring people together and to present great artists and their works for diverse audiences that span a wide spectrum of tastes and beliefs. And in our tireless work to bring artists to Provincetown, through our non-profit endeavors, to cultivate these audiences for them, transport, lodge and promote them, in a cultural landscape where the veritable unknown would otherwise have no opportunity to perform. It is with immense pleasure that we continue this work, having provided Provincetown a bright and shiny star on the international festival map, as we entire a new chapter and era of our soulful artistic mission to preserve Provincetown’s legacy as a spiritual home for performing aritsts and as a source of enrichment for our cultural heritage, saving and preserving its heritage, as we continue to champion myriad forms of performing arts Made-in-Provincetown! Onwards and Upwards!


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