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In the widening gyroscope of our non-profit endeavorship, we proudly announce we have the pleasure of presenting twenty-one (and counting!) new shows in the coming year comprised of three separate rosters of signature stellar artists who continue to evolve the world of theater and live performance as we know it. First, this summer, we shall introduce the inauguaral GLOW FESTIVAL, over just four days, with the outsized talents of Justin Vivian Bond, Brian King and What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, Marga Gomez, Tammy Faye Starlite and Penny Arcade, at OBERON at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA, July 27-30. Next, come September 11, we celebrate the opening of the seventh annual AFTERGLOW FESTIVAL at the Art House, in Provincetown, MA, where we will present the gifted artistry of Phoebe Legere, Dynasty Handbag, Debs Gatenby, Lady Rizo, Joseph Keckler, Champagne Jerry, Mary Birdsong, Dane Terry, Paul Iacono and Martha Graham Cracker with musical director Drew Wutke. Then, starting September 21, we will kick off an expanded third annual GLOWBERON series at Oberon in Cambridge, packed with the talents of John Kelly, Bridget Barkan, Lady Bunny, Fauxnique/ Monique Jenkinson, Iacono and Keckler. At the core of our enterprise is the Afterglow Festival at the Art House and its dedication to championing Provincetown’s heritage as an incubator for new works by innovative stage artists, many of whose works we can continue to champion in our partnership with the great Oberon/American Repertory Theater, in festival and in series, and beyond! www.afterglowfestival.org   www.glowfest.org


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