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Open Letter to a Boston Arts and Entertainment Editor or Journalist

Picking up the thread. I’ll be in Boston on Monday if you can possibly meet up.

Otherwise I’m not back until March 19, also a Monday.

I will likely have other times in town. I just know these both for sure now.

The next show in the series is April 5, Joseph Keckler. and then Fauxnique (Monique Jenkinson) May 17.

The Lady Bunny shows (we added a second one) sold out. Funny how that is.

Taking nothing away from Bunny, as her show elevated her drag-act to performance level which was super interesting…

But Joseph and Monique for instance, whom Boston audiences haven’t heard of, are true Afterglow/Glow material…so interesting and innovative.

I thought it might interesting to highlight these lesser known artist in a piece to illustrate how Afterglow really is on cutting edge (hate that expression but you know what I mean)

They kind of get to the essence of what we’re all about.

Meanwhile artists we’ve produced at Afterglow as unknowns like Bridget Everett, Cole Escola, John Early, Drew Droege, Martha Graham Cracker are now all in movies, on The Tonight Show, have primetime television series or are playing Vegas LOL

I would venture to say that there are at least 30 artists we’ve produced in Ptown and Cambridge whom 99% of audiences first heard of via Glow world.

But the nature of our particular beast is that we have to keep bringing those emerging artists…..we can only occasionally bring back those who’ve already “made it” since they appeared with us.

So it’s all about trusting the CURATION of the best artists you’ve never heard of. And for audiences to show up and take our word for it. Given our track record they should…..

that type of thing……?


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