At Scorpio 9° we see A Dentist At Work. It’s quite fitting given the probbing, drilling energy of the sign. And as it is ruled by Gemini in a twelve-fold sequence, we are dealing with the “decay” shoe dropping on the Taurus temptation for earthly sweets. I have never had a cavity (or so I think) and yet I went to a fancy dentist recently who had this machine that could detect decay below the surface and suddenly I’m being told i have seventeen cavities. It was like Minority Report for my mouth. This dentist could tell ahead of time what cavities I was going to get and so he wanted to arrest the decay before it happened. I didn’t go back to that dentist because, well, as I said I have never had a cavity (in the present tense) and I probably won’t live along to actually get one; and though I do believe in prevention, this seemed ridiculous. I won’t tell you how much it cost me to (not) get my dental health treated. Live and learn. But now to address the more metaphysical implications of the image at hand.

We are dying the instant we are born. And decay is inevitable. Which is why Robert Herrick suggested one “gather ye rosebuds while ye may”. We all have damage that is concealed beneath the surface, and Scorpio is all about drilling down into our subconscious and addressing what’s rotten, and rooting it out. Never mind the fact that dentists and Scorpios both sort of smack of the sadistic sometimes. The metaphoric implication implicit in this image is that the damage is caused by feeding the ego who wants, wants, wants to fulfill a certain appetite for the sweet life; while doing so is typically anathema to the development of a spiritual life. After the previous image’s calm reflection and acceptance of a certain divine illumination it may have been revealed what and where, in the spirit-body, was indeed in disrepair. And now, with this dentist at work, we are addressing and healing what areas in us where we have been, or might still be, decadent. The dentist represents our own inner savior, the part of ourselves that can step in and stem the tide of any further sliding into ruin, sweepingly or superficially. We are the dentists at work, all the time.


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