We have just returned from a reunion of sorts pinioned to a belated birthday party thrown by a dear friend of ours who ended up becoming the most popular children’s book writer of all time. The year was 1985 and Stella and I had moved back to France, having studied there just two years before—we have been traveling in Europe this past five weeks during which time I actually saw my “French family” whom S and I hadn’t seen since we waved goodbye to them in the Spring of 1984 (hand over mumbling mouth) years ago. A Dutch friend who had been with us that junior year abroad in Grenoble was in Paris in 1985 when we moved back to France. She was staying with this German girl called Susanne and we immediately became fast friends with her and around us formed a little rag-tag group of would-bes with whom we remained tight all these many years. In addition to the one of us who went on to write those books, Susanne became the fashion director of Selfridges and Harrods, our friend Jaqueline (whose boyfriend Laurence visited every other weekend) became the Llewelyn-Bowens who are household names in Britain and some of us weren’t so lucky to survive until this birthday cum wee reuninon in Scotland we attended this past weekend. So you will understand my now jaded surprise at today’s oracle being: A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades.

Again, with Scorpio, we are dealing with individuals merging into one entity, in this case a fellowship, which takes on its own life and personality, more than the sum of its individual parts. We flirted with this early in the sign with the notion of ritual. Here there is true communion, the shared act, that bonds the participants at the root level. There is an infinite quality to this level of merger, one that transcends space and time, and certainly cements the individuals together, for better or for worse, everlastingly. The suggestion here is the importance of establishing or strengthening links with those with whom you have shared, or should share, experience. And that is my theme for today as well.

We are staying with our dearest friends in the world, whom we know through connection with the aforementioned primary fellowship. Though our dearest friends all seem to live in the UK or Europe, we don’t have the benefit of constancy and must make concerted effort to keep the fires of friendship burning. And yet not: as, though all relationships (other than parent to child) must be conditional, there is a decidedly unconditional element to these particular relationships. Nobody is perfect nor should they get away with untoward behavior or attitudes—there are differences in political and religious and social ideology which are nonetheless easily transcended through the mutual bond. I think the shadow side of this particular dynamic is that of cliques or, in the extreme, cults. I know a lot of cliqueish Scorpio people—that is certain. Indeed, as a personality type, people of the sign do stick to a certain tribe. It’s where we see the emotionality that they might otherwise mask. Fitting that this symbol is ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence as that sign deals with the family you come from and the one you create for yourself. And, of course, it’s hinged on nurture and emotionality and one’s private life. Shared experience, even if brief, that happens at a particular time in ones life, or is of such import, is the glue that sticks us together and we do become a family centered around that experience. Like trauma, we might not know the full import of the experience as it is being impressed on our root (sub) consciousness—it’s only over time do we realize how pivotal it is.

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