Scorpio 17° (November 9)

Am meant to do a movie today. They keep changing the time. And the place. But they promise dinner. I will go, get covid-tested, get my costume (I brought) steamed and be directed to craft services. It is peanuts and Bugles. I’m outta here. Yes I will leave the set and the whole thing behind. Nobody needs this kind of abuse. It’s why I never pursued this biz in the first place. Now to focus on more work ideas: Libra Man: Now that you have a feel of the Pisces person, though men and women of the sign are quite different, you might see how the character you’ve outlined as Manny wouldn’t be a Fish necessarily. Pisces man does tend to be the most detached “Drifter” of the Zodiac, never really wanting to be tied down. Even though he may be in a lifelong relationship, he generally works it out that he has a solitary professional life, especially if it involves a life of solo excursions. Pisces, regardless of sex/gender, do prefer the “company of strangers.” For him, it means new people to impress without his (same) schtick getting old, with Pisces woman it is about new opportunities to let her empathy go to work and offer guidance (or that siren call). But oops we are still talking about Pisces. Let’s try that again…Libra Man: Because the sign of Libra is that of relationships, marriage, contracts, deals and one-on-one relationships, its very much about the power of the bond being greater than the sum of each part. Libra man is typically attracted to characters that (he sees as being) aspirational. The character Pip (meaning seed) in “Great Expectations” who is in love with Estelle (the Star) is a Libra figure. As is Linus the Peanuts character with his own expectation of the Great Pumpkin. Libra man is an idealist which, you guessed it, is his greatest strength and his most fatal flaw. This is the cardinal-light sign. It is about leading with ones principles, seeing oneself, especially in youth, as being all goodness and light; and yet (as we discussed) pretty much every story about the god of light, Apollo, is one of being rejected and unloved by the object of his affection. And the thing about light is that: it casts a long shadow. So the trajectory for the Libra man is often about losing his starry notions on the way through life, which can sound like a sad thing. But again, as mentioned, it is ennobling. Daphne would rather be turned into a laurel tree than be with him, but Apollo then forever wears a wreath of laurel as a crown, ennobled by the unrequited love. Of course, we get the word laureate from this myth.

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