From time to time I remind you that these symbols were randomly divined. Cards were numbered then shuffled; and the seer didn’t know which number she as divining when she did so. So it is a bit spooky how the images not only find a natural order but I’m struck, say, in this instance, being in Scorpio, how exactly on theme they are. At Scorpio 13° we find An Inventor Performs A Laboratory Experiment. If you’ve been reading, you’ve already heard me talking about how chemistry falls under Scorpio rule; at the root of human civilization there is the impetus for achievement, or more accurately discovery. Every new invention reveals some truth of natural law. It’s the same with psychologists, say, experiementing with new methods on the individual patient. Inventions solve problems as do certain treatments—issues need rooting out.

Science, technology can help us in this pursuit but instinct, intuition must also play a part. So much of human invention happened on a hunch. What we find most at the core in our bid for invention is that everything is related to everything else, science and spirituality, in particular. Initiation and caution are like the gas and clutch as we make daring discoveries.

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