The thing about relationships is that they become heirarchical. We have seen a fellowship of equals; and been made aware of those who might be falling to some kind of depth; just as we find here today An Official Embassy Ball as the image for Scorpio 12° connoting the full flowering of group consciousness as interaction amongst those who have risen to some high echelon of social status. We are still dealing in merger and we are still dealing in group-consciousness, but we now also see the shadow side of plutocracy, “rule by the rich” pointing to the god (and planet) Pluto’s power of wealth. Here, one must be in full fancy dress—literally representing the full flowership of their position—which is mainly black and white. Even the word merger has been coopted to mean money. And, from my experience, those who have made, or continue to make, money do find it less easy to be around those who don’t. I suppose I believe in some forms of fiscal conservatism, but not when that just becomes a fancy term for gimme-gimme greed.

After a few too many ritualized displays of power this year, I think I really need to do what I threatened to do some months ago and veer off this purely metaphysical path (the cosmic) and get more into recounting some funny tales (blague is french for joke) of my wacky road less traveled. I really need to be economic with my writing these days, in any case, and I have a few weeks only to write an upcoming show and I’m determined for it to the be the best ever. And I’m hoping for a really great turn out of family o’ friends. It’s time to make some magic it’s what winter is all about.

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