Gemini 20° (June 10)



This melted circus peanut does not represent me as an American citizen. The G-7 summit is like having your crazy, raged-filled addict, thug-mental father, whose abuses you’ve had to withstand behind close doors, suddenly flaring up at a graduation party or other such gathering of friends and their families, revealing what you’ve had to endure in the privacy of your own world. There is certain embarrassment, apology and shame; and yet a sense of relief that outsiders are witnessing first hand the type of environment in which you’ve had to live and try to endure. As the Congress of enablers sits back and lets it happen—both complicit Republicans and doormat Democrats—we find we have to take to the streets and to the airwaves and to social media to let the world know that we are being held hostage by this erratic blob of melted crayon nobody wants to color with. This is beyond flip-flopping. This is deliberate confusion and dysinformation on parade. The cringeworthy cretan showing up late, causing conflict, leaving early. This is the dysfunctional relative that ruins every family gathering because they have no real personal power but the bravado of their position to cause disorder and chaos. We need to disown this miscreant. This Grendel. This Gollum. This gargoyle mass of makeup and eyebags and grease and hair must be impeached and prosecuted and ultimately put a way in a cell where he belongs, mumbling to himself to the end of his days about his power of self pardoning. He has got to go now.

People say “someboday has to do something” and yes well I think that somebody is you and me and everyone we know and we have to do both those things. and we need to see some strong democrats who speak up with some fire, and rally crowds all their own, awake and emerge from this sleepy hollow of progressive idealism. the era of polite democratic politics is over. rolling up ones sleeves needs to be more than affectation. it has to be necessity and in small towns all over this nation people like you and me should be plopping down a soap box and starting to spew some love for this country because, like Cher and others said, this Gilead shit is real.


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