Pisces 16° (March 7)

Went to bed late last night but did finally, actually sleep. In fact it was past eight when I awoke, just in time to get ready for Zoom call with Tim and S. It went well I think. She has a Juno ring where her wedding one once was; and two tattoos on the same wrist. I have been energetically dispelled from the hand I once held in matrimony. I go for a long walk into town with my backpack Mike comes by early evening and I am having the last of the Donkey Goat. I feel so relaxed after today. Trying to find some new things to watch. But end up going down to the Pig for a glass of wine instead. Doodle Oodle Loo. Bac to the future and working on book proposal. In addition to being a contributor to The New York Times“Styles’ section, I wrote for The Boston Globe arts section and was a contributing editor to Detour magazine and wrote for other publications including The New York Observer, InStyle, YM, Paper, Stop, The South China Morning Post, having worked on the editorial side of Paris’ Passion magazine, AvenueDV8*, The New York Social Calendar and, ultimately as executive editor of Wallpaper• in London. I was also field producer for the television show “Ooh, La, La”, a streetwise spinoff of “Fashion Television,” both produced by City TV in Toronto. In the late 1990s, Time Inc. was launching Teen People and the editor asked me to create a horoscope. We decided on a his-and-her concept, treating males and females as separate signs, befitting our philosophy and the magazine’s mission of attracting young male, as well as female readers. At the time, Ellen Degeneres had a joke about God’s waiting room containing only two magazines, Guns and Ammo and Teen People, goofing on the fact that adults everywhere were reading this teen zine. This was true enough: Enter one publisher with his own glitzy imprint at William Morrow who asked if we would like to write a book for grown-ups hinged on our theory that there were twenty-four, not twelve, sex/gender signs. Et voila: Sextrology was published in 2004 by HarperCollins, which purchased Morrow and dissolved the aformentioned imprint while we were typing away. Ultimately launching at Barneys New York, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in the UK, Colette in Paris, and other bastions of chic around the world, Sextrology was touted by top fashion press like Vogue and Elle and Vanity Fair, affirming our unique vision that astrology could not only be smart and sexy, even satirical, but also super stylish, all at the same time.

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