Pisces 15° (March 6)

Went to UU church. That’s all I seem to remember happening at the time. Doodle Oodle Loo (time traveling ten months into the future), here I am working on a revamp of my book proposal. And here are some words to that effect: While a friend across the pond was redrawing the landscape of global publishing by penning children’s books that proved that youngsters were encyclopedic in their ability to digest multifarious age-old myths, spoon-fed to them in the guise of a world of young wizards wearing hoodies, I was doing something not totally dissimilar, albeit on an infinitely smaller scale, and in substantially fractional sales numbers. The inside joke of this author’s redemptive depiction of the otherwise flaked-out “astrologer” character in her books not withstanding, as a writer of astrological non-fiction, I’ve considered the particular brand of magic I cast in my work to be, in a word, real. Our readers, hungering for a multifarious feast of self-knowledge, might well agree. I met the person behind the personality Stella Starsky in college during our junior year abroad in France. Aside from the usual attractions, interest in astrology was something we shared, each of us having descended from families with mystical leanings. On that starry subject, what struck us both was the fact that men and women of the same sign seemed to be, often radically, different in character, and we set upon exploring the astrological reasoning for this, not realizing where this would one day lead us, despite the fact I was also developing some snazzy predictive powers. (As the years have ticked by, it turned out that I had inherited viable psychic gifts, no doubt, from the Celtic side of my family. In fact, my astrological practice, working with private clients, provided a framework for my psychic faculties to crystalize into a functionally intuitive tool.) After graduation from university, we first moved back to Paris, where and when we first met that children’s author, then on to New York, sparking careers in fashion and journalism (with the off- inauspicious foray into show business) traveling, mainly, between those cities, in addition to London and Milan, throughout the 1990s. After a day working in the fashion trenches, we would conduct astrological readings in the evenings for our friends—designers, photographers, editors and burgeoning artists and actors—who would one day become the early readers and adopters of our books, products and services. As editor friends moved up the mastheads at magazines, I began writing features and then columns under the Starsky + Cox byline (at this juncture didn’t want my The New York Times and other publications’ editors know I moon-lighted slinging horoscopes).

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