Pisces 14° (March 5)

Of all the entries I have tagged to write at a later date this is the only one I’ve encountered so far where I have absolutely no idea or indication, by jotted down memory or some trigger, what occurred on this day. I do assume, given yesterday’s entry, that I kept a low profile. Anyway I’m perfectly okay not knowing that went down on this Saturday, not even what it is I ate, apparently. But that will distinguish this post from the rest, all of which, anyway, will be relegated to obscurity if not certain oblivion. Doodle Oodle Loo. I am now back to the future and on this actual day of writing, some ten months later, I have to tell you that there is nothing left to watch on television—you’ve seen it all—and you’ve lost the desire, need, whatever we are call it, to x-out or anesthetize and, certainly, to socialize. The comfort of shock has completely worn off and I am left bare to my feelings which are so bruised to the point of permanent damage. I think that’s what happens. I will never know the truth but I learn as time goes on that there was more and more support for the actions of discardation—a word I’ve just created, apparently. Anyway, one does what one can with what one has. I have been played by more than one double agent, one of which is now dealing with an even worse pain of losing a partner, permanently. At least mine is puttering around the planet somewhere, which is, weirdly, at times, cold comfort. Sometimes I envy the widowed who were connected to the end; at least they have little doubt in their mind if they were loved in return. Unlike the disposed of of this world. Okay going to cut and paste part of what I worked on today: Truth be told, I’ve not traded in sex willy nilly. I’ve done so because sexuality is both intrinsically and universally central to our being. Surely, since the publication of Sextrology, a more sex-positive culture has emerged and played catch up with that notion, just as media and entertainment have become, in some cases, lightyears more sexually sophisticated. Point being: I’ve long been in the business of examining human beings and all their behavior, sexual and otherwise, through the lens of the zodiac, in both my writing and my one-on-one consultations with clients. The itself reminds us that we are wholly connected to our animal natures. In case you’ve ever wondered, zodiac means “circle of animals,” drawing on the same etymology as the word zoo, as all but one of the astrological signs are represented by an animal or human symbol. To my cosmically inclined mind, this factoid alone, along with the exceptions to it—Virgo and Aquarius having human symbols and Libra, the Scales, the sole inanimate one—opens a window onto character interpretation. And that’s just for starters. In fact,  Sextrology, turned readers onto the many astrological assignations associated with their signs, expressed in both the main text and in clear-cut sidebars. To name several: their sign symbols; the unique element (fire, earth, air, water) and quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) combination of their sign; their planetary rulers and namesake gods and myths, associative biblical, literary and pop archetypes; the bodily systems ruled by their signs and planets and the corresponding metaphorical significance of those systems to our psychology, physicality, sexuality, and even our sense of spirituality; and so on. A little light reading? Not exactly, but so it seems: Many readers have bordered on obsession, devouring every intricate detail of the book. No wonder Sextrology has come to be called “The Red Bible” by a multi-generational audience weaned on a culture of instant gratification yet yearning for deeper personal insight and self-understanding.

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