Pisces 13° (March 4)

The whip is officially down and I’m ready to start up the big shedding, both body and in tangible property. It is definitely time to lighten my load in this life and streamline all I have in hand. I’m just going to eat all the ratatouille I made with a bit of shortgrain brown rice. I feel it’s a good way to kick things off. That and a complete embargo on alcohol and sugar for this Lenten season. I am definitely marinating today and tonight I will stay up until five o’clock tomorrow morning, going in and out of sleep until two. I will have convinced myself I had an eleven a.m. rendezvous that I’m going to be rather shaky to attend. Doodle Oodle Loo. Some people who see the title Sextrology may think it’s merely clever or, most likely, salacious. But the hundreds of thousands of keenly intelligent readers who count it among their all-time favorite books? They recognize that I strike any number of balances in my writing—between proverbial stars and glorious gutter: —which makes my work uncategorical, in the best way. They’ll also say I’m pretty effing funny.Look, we all know sex sells; added to which, astrology appeals to people’s inherent narcissism. Yet, it’s not exactly been a slam dunk for the other authors out there who’ve tried to combine these two subjects in the creation of a book that enjoys mainstream appeal. It can only be a recipe for success if done so superbly, indeed sublimely, that is to say inspiring in both its execution and its message. Regarding execution: I consider it my own special brand of artistry to compose the likes of astrology, psychology, myth, pop culture, literary criticism, eroticism, esotericism, humor and humanism, among other elements, into one seamless treatise on personality and, thus, personal development, via the stars. Still, the message is the thing. And it’s taken many years to develop mine. I dare say I am whole-heartedly convinced that, over the years of focused attention on the subject, that I’ve cracked the code of the zodiac to a certain degree; and, in so doing, I am fairly flooded on a quotidian basis with its infinite wisdom and source of inspiration. This perspective powers every word I pen, even those engaged in exploring and extrapolating upon the sexploits of a person of one particular star sign or other.

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