Pisces 12° (March 3)

So far I haven’t done fuck all. Except watch Better Call Saul. I keep writing S. but she never responds. I don’t know why it’s so regressive, but it is. Really nothing to be done I suppose. I will plan to stay in but end up dragging myself for sushi nonetheless, which is interesting as I meet a cool photographer. I am deep beck into sadness which I’m not really happy about. In other words, I really don’t want to be this unhappy anymore as it is taking quite the toll. I will pass by and see Julia and have a heated debate about the state of the world with someone next to me. I honestly think that I was jealous of him as he has a wife and young children and he’s living in Ptown—like that season of American Horror Story, it just made me a bit sad for the past and all that was never meant to be. Doodle oodle loo. Reading this I wonder if this was the night with that guy where as he was passing by I simulaneously  stretched and ended up accidentlly and I hasten to add rather softly slapping him in the come si dice. I am having a hard time recognizing the sensations in my body these days. It’s like my various systems are all colliding—digestion with respiration with neurology–it’s quite odd actually. Anyway I am doing the work at hand, namely moving the spoon on my book proposal. So here goes: It’s been said that the Starsky + Cox brand and books reinvented the genre—the astrological wheel, as it were—dragging the subject out of the occult aisle and ushering it straight into the zeitgeist. The books are smart yet accessible—just academic enough to have made their way onto universities’ syllabuses, while remaining widely appealing to a pop sensibility. I find it personally and creatively exciting to explore so-called headier realms of psychology, mythology, archetype and metaphysics, but only as they relate to modern life and real human experience, and can be viewed by the reader through an ultra user-friendly lens.Astrology is by its nature jam-packed with symbolism, and I am wont to explore every bit of it. I have been devoted to its study for decades, and I have mainly spent my days as a humanistic astrologer in private practice consulting clients. It’s not been a tightly kept secret that there are famous names among them, as a number of people of note have sung ye olde praises in the press and media. Of course, I welcome such endorsements (not to mention having stockpiled them all in anticipation of this next book!). For now, though, let me catch you up on a little backstory: As is literally true in my career history, I am a writer first and an astrologer a close second. It is to this that I attribute the success of my previous books. Before assuming the penname Quinn Cox, I spent many years contributing to major newspapers and magazines, even editing some. I know how to package my ideas in a way that encourages people gobble them up. This goes a long way to explain why my written work to date has been so resonant and entertaining, even for readers who wouldn’t otherwise buy into the subject of astrology. Especially riding the fine line, as I do in my process, between, high and low, academic and amusement, celestial and terrestrial, metaphysically spiritual and sexual, sublime and subversive, and so on, it takes expert, artful wordsmithing to successfully put such interwoven ideas and themes across 

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