Pisces 11° (March 2)

I will have Tim for tea today after running a bunch of errands. Gumbo dinner tonight in Truro which should be lovely. Paid the excise tax and got the mail out and visited Perry’s to take to take some lovely unfiltered organic wine to my my host. I search for bread all over town—nobody has a nice loaf of bread. Passed that awful Josh P. person on the street which his side eye. I have been in touch with the folks from Hudson. I’m going to go back to the UU this weekend, which I’m looking forward to. Getting my brain around how to make some mad money en route to zzz money. Doodle Oodle Loo. Flash forward ten months and I’m reworking the proposal: What began as “a word-of-mouth phenomenon” (Time) and grew into a “marketing triumph” (Vanity Fair), Sextrology: the astrology of sex and the sexes is the most critically acclaimed and universally celebrated astrology book of its generation. Since hitting stores in 2004, it has appeared in fifteen foreign editions, sold upwards of 250,000 physical copies worldwide and it continues to grow in sales and popularity both here and abroad, right alongside the profile of its authorship, Starsky + Cox. As a brand in equal partnership, the duo created an array of compelling content in various forms and media, established a successful private consultancy and event business, made myriad broadcast appearances, and staged live performances of original work at popular venues in New York and other cities.Already a seasoned writer, journalist and editor prior to publishing the brand’s first book, serving on numerous mastheads and contributing interviews and features to top magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times and The Boston Globe. Quinn undertook the writing of the Starsky + Cox books as well as the many articles, columns, performances pieces and all penned content created under the tandem authorship and byline. Stella assumed the crucial role of an in-house editor in the publishing process. Quinn Cox—that’s me! And for the first time in my career as an experienced astrologist and writer of all things zodiacal and metaphysical, I am psyched to go solo in crafting this singular new book under my own steam and name, nom de plume such as it is, for public consumption.

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