Leo 16° (August 5)

sanitized dream of what sex should be just as she seeks to obliterate all other brutal realities in life which she mostly avoids by sticking close to safety and seclusion of home. 1st that of her parents then For enchanted own One is reminded of Sally Sally Bowles in I am a camera character with Todd of an electric complex like pisces invents for herself an entire personalize reality by enchantment of her own Imagination Immortalized by pisces manelli. As the case with Sally we see tragedy and exaltation cohabiting in her character for whom life really should be in cabaret indeed what she teaches us by example is that existence is exactly but one imagines it to be lens loaded meeting to motto I believe.

Unlike pisces man Hey sis woman Isn’t content to dream all on her own. Rather she expects others to buy into the enchantment she creates for herself such that those who populate her life succumb to the mass hallucination That she is what she imagines herself to be

Age 77 to 84 age of death . Represents the sleep of death and dissolution personifies a Limbo or sort of dream state primordial spiritual soup between death and rebirth she lives in that mysterious realm most often Psychic recipient of information and inspiration being communicated from the immaterial realm … also psychology overly passive and codependent may suffer from certain fears and anxieties agorophobia susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse live in a world of fantasy be pathologically dishonest sometimes lacks ambition despite love of luxury, as a partner or parent she can be inappropriately overbearing overprotective


she urges others to be all they might imagine themselves to be. She believes in others dreams inspiring them as a muse coming to reflect conviction that ones fantasies are capable of coming true via the strength of belief alone . Despite what maybe self delusion She thanks who the hell she is. Being the zodiacs embodiment of primordial soup she is pre destined to imagine any and all potentiality’s as might emerge from her power of fancy. The most fabulous female in every sense of the word from the marvelous to the made up. Child of Neptune planet of wondrous merin culas power she is conduit of this energy represented little wonder Virgin Mary is her biblical archetypes whole notion of a woman as a miraculous environment seat of quintessentially mutable waters in Greek the word womb and fish are the same Delfi beautiful woman herself likened to a womb just as imperfect paradox represents to him both environments denoting 12 house sense of isolation and oblivion In between dream state hovering amidst ultimate oppositions of life and death. Consummate interpretation Of opposite facing fish Alpha Omega the piscean females fancying herself the be all end all of womankind. Despite meek and meager emotional beginnings sometimes phenomenal myth she creates about herself seeps into her soul. She owns the outside persona eventually. Fact infection Together into singular reality. Most over the top demta spin around the wheel. Nod to Association with death and dissolution It’s like she approaches life with them built in hindsight old adage of I had to do it over again… Making amends as she goes. She has confidence of her dubious convictions or is it lack of self esteem? To feel she has nothing to lose being as extraordinary as she can. Her diva dumb is assured in any case. As personification of dissolution she surrenders to life sacrificing humility along with responsibility she imposed on herself in youth. She is completely UN beholden to others more reliant on people than any other individual at the same time launch dubois depends on kindness of everybody strangers included the whole of her life is 1 big trust exercise or she let’s herself freefall believing there will always be abstract arms to catch her

539 archetype in myth triple goddess every woman Femininity in all aspects at once Aphrodite primal triple goddess from foam of sea some heroes also oldest of the gods or we say a primordial God mirrors Marys mother of Christ aphrodite’s classical portrayal of the goddess love lends insight into pricing character who demands adoration more than any other woman The 9 muses triple goddess in triplicate depict pisces myriad talents water sprites naiads mermaids sirens portray how men often drown for love of her.

body and soul She calls this a commotion Without even knowing it fancies herself demure and ladylike has the ability to send those around her into a tailspin. Polite Princess on first impression She will drive away to her nuts for a new glass or utensils should they be even spotted insisting on knowing every ingredient and mode of preparation Never seeming satisfied with the answers ordering food and drinks with substitutions and special directives sending Neil back slipping into martyr mode suffer through it on grounds of not wanting to be a bother too late. Perfection According to subjective specifications our preoccupation . She is constantly put off by black of it in her life. Sometimes no pleasing her. Like Blanche she expects enchantment every moment chicken elude her in the harsh light of reality she is Aphrodite forever emerging fresh from her seashell immediate reliance on others recording disappointment not personal disaster. But when it works it does like a charm she is forever soliciting worshippers who find themselves hard pressed to do right by her period she is clueless as to the turmoil she causes , couched as she must generally be in the lap of luxury at someone else’s expense. Stops at a door unapologetically waiting for it to be opened. Amuse must have the homage do her she grants endless gift of inspiration

Moves as in a dream body language slow and meditative even undertaking arduous physical tasks like 1 continually popping Valium. spider pisces woman the way she eats cutting food into small morsels chewing each 100 times for back on the plate hands dainty in lab barely a dent by the time everyone else is finished she is graceful in her carriage sitting and standing erect as if toting around proverbial book on her head

540 Bible and literature Mary archetype triple goddess all three Marys marry Aphrodite the sea blue gown trimmed in white seafoam fish symbol of Jesus and of her womb Greek word for aluminum fish is the same As for Messiah in Arthur legend she is more gang in granite and Vivian She is lady Anne who forms appear to morning Henry the fourth in Richard the third she is ondine jira do plans to blah who’s young boy his killed Blanche where’s della robia blue She is the character Trinity in the matrix

for all her composure inherently nervous Placid demeanor cultivated over years keeping it together. Simplest things pinsetter teeth on edge social gatherings essentially fragile fish to an element for which she simply not engineered. Thought of having to be on makes her feel exposed lunch under an electric light. Isn’t much interested in hearing tell of others lives loved ones accepted. Has few female friends may font and best game out how . Surrounded by people who in one way or other work or do for her . Prides herself on being beneficent dictator leaving big tips or sending housekeeper home with leftovers. Regular waiter or cleaning lady might not realize they are all the extra familial human contact she has. She not only relies on kindness of strangers but to the exclusion of others .

At a party say generally escaped to a corner bending the ear of some unsuspecting soul drawn to what she perceives as disenfranchised types her patronizing attitude will be wholly unconscious she latches on To whomever in the room she assumes might feel out of place the way she does. So if you see a dramatic looking creature with elegantly eccentric gesticulations of an aging starlet chatting up the only Eskimo old lady burn victim albino or ****** in the room it’s pretty safe bet to assume she’s a pisces. She doesn’t so much as have a conversation Or recount stories act them out. Literally channels experiences means of communication Hyperbolic sounds large intakes of startle breath pantomiming what she’s disgusting. Doesn’t look a person in the eyes as she does look inward lausten private reliving of circumstances. Eyes bulging through slitted heavy lids misted clouded drifted in different directions . When she drinks the effect becomes that much more extreme. Even when beautiful something ****** or fetal. When not blessed with good looks and someone like Edward G Robinson and drag typically not the case pointy chinned princesses sweet faced Elizabeth Taylor Isabel who bear Charlotte Church thora Birch cyd charisse Jennifer Jones Claire Trevor Jennifer Love Hewitt Christian Davis we need to update this Gloria Vanderbilt Lee rouzerville Paula Prentice Jennifer O’Neill Vanessa Williams Sharon Stone TE Leone Patsy Kent it Niki Taylor Ursula andress Kathy Ireland. Cindy Crawford beauty marks possessed frog enis bug eyed look straight evident in eccentric faces of Liza minelli Drew Barrymore Holly Hunter animan yani Joanne Woodward Jean Harlow Sandy Duncan Glenn Close Nina Simone Irene Cara Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sally jessy Raphael Tammy Faye Baker. Another giveaway is her tendency to speak out of the side of her mouth eventually everything she says has a confidential aside figure T speaks out of both sides figuratively opposite facing fish often guilty of playing all sides in an argument feigning agreement with opposing factions among friends family professional experiences. Presents us puritanical if not pedantic one believe that she’s gossiping or backbiting but she is a terrible tattletale and the stealthiest of snoops.

Straightlaced bluenose appearance can be deceiving Morse of the sexually game girls in the Zodiac. Not what people see first period invariably presents moral virginal uptight image mouth perst in a tense pucker she’s generally pale skin draw tight around her face and throat giving are stringy’s enemy look of ballet dancer . Font of WAVY hairstyles blocks short or long rarely leave the house without at least some hint of makeup green blue eye shadow pearlescent lip tones. Hairless overall remarkable lack of eyelashes and eyebrows necessitating use of liner to frame piepers gold bright green Cobalt blue unusual colors. Elizabeth Taylor Violet eyes she is the prettiest in the Zodiac rarely a smoldering beauty even when gorgeous. what saves her posting to perfect a doll face is hook nosed albiate button size crooked beak spouses Femi fashion aesthetic muted colors meshy Webbie knits tapered Princess cuts in Watts . She can be new Beijing and style 2 crystals beads talismans for jewelry generally understand in her appearance determined to look like a lady loathe to admit the prim heuristic cratic persona she puts forth it’s a delicate veneer begging to be shattered

542 unclad special to behold skin soft Dewey curvaceous figure though compact even the most rubenesque make modern burlesque Queens post so integral of form nothing extraneous will even jiggle just bumping grind. rarely anything slightly boyish her physique even when both in She exhibits an economy in form prevents her from ever being overly bodacious in the bosom Department even in rare occasion she is amply hipped she was still glide as if on a cloud. Her private parts birds of yore as her character push trim to whisper typically never requiring no boxing in her life

sex and sexuality

Like Aphrodite pisces complicated vision of sex. Love goddess wedded to every man have Festus pursued by masculine Mars most enamored of delicate Adonis. Blanches first love fragile youth like Adonis dies for the affection she heaps on him later run out of town For taking her teacher job too far Mars is equivalent is Stanley she even asks if he’s an Aries and her hephestus when she aims to marry is the Mensch like Mitch. Most every pisces woman will have a painful tragic memory of first love sensitive boy about not meant to be. Belle reve symbolized this beautiful dreams including the hope of love shared with harmless hormone list boy. Places forced to ditch delusions when faced similar harsh reality pretty boys she’s attracted to and youth are often attracted to the macho men who make her bristle. Lifelong lust for ambiguous jailbait notwithstanding she realizes her own attraction to these beasts to finding herself at delicious odds with red blooded males of the world who give up with base animalism. Inherently feels that such masculine types are merely another species animal. Mythical Venus and Mars are much archetypal lovers as they are correct and sizable rivals love and war at once extreme concepts and yet metaphorically relatable combined into love warrior keep it. We come up against pisces paradox equally attracted to and repulsed by he men of the world enticed and intoxicated by their nature yet unable to reconcile stereotypical male characters with her beautiful dream of life never meant to include smelly sneakers or back here.

543 body rule the feet compris pressure points that connect to entire body just as sign itself considered the catch all of the Zodiac also governs lymphatics system Neptune associated with mental process brain and spinal fluid tendency to foot trouble dementia brain disorders.

No woman finds front to delicate sensibilities faster than she. Natural disposition or such errors she puts on the reel and fabricated being one of the same she comes across as the bluest of prudish princesses . Blueness is a synonym for purity supposedly Snow White Blanche being costumed in Delaware via blue color from the ground of the Madonna blue dress French and white see extra phone. Pisces so purposefully proper over writing trade comes to define men’s attraction to her for better or worse. Her comme il faut if not holier than thou diva continues to attract worshipfull gay men And sometimes extends beyond friendly. Many places won’t have readily awakened from a liaison with one of her dream boys having so many sensitive decidedly female qualities in common with the man that it overrides sexual questions period like Gemini the fish might find herself in a series of marriages or relationships like Blanche or Sally Bowles with closeted gay men thinking nothing suspicious in their desire to regularly redecorate to the soothing strains of lies with busy. Pisces purposefully opted for such a bond when she and an equally persnickety male can live a sexless sequestered life she won’t be put aponta put out. in some sense she can be sexless and when she’s not completely new for maniacal the biggest paradox of this pretty fish. She has her fetishes typically include innocent young lads but can not easily abide the sexual tyranny of heterosexual relationships. She is more about special effects than she is about a solid plot. Avoids more banal realities of conditioning and puts on extravagant airs so too does she not only have but partly enjoy her own illusions about sex by which she escapes the grammar dynamics of life. She’s easily grossed out by actual kernel function and machinations the sweating the odors at the emitting of fluids total clash with her dreamy visions. 12 house Association with inhibitions and isolation She is the zodiacs untouchable. Some pasties are vehemently squeamish about sex such that when they become pregnant friends and family who know them best are inclined to suspect some form of Immaculate conception

544 she tends to associate sex often linked to inappropriate contact from her youth with feeling dirty. She is in the business of washing away sins she detects in herself. We see this in characterization of Blanche forever bathing long absolution If not dissolution. Like Aphrodite ritually renewing herself and virginity trick that appeals to pisces. But that’s just half the story Aphrodite was the original nymfo who would have had cause to renew her virginity constantly


besides attracting every gay man in earshot her enchanting sanctimoniousness attracts many straight men who view her as a top drawer lady at class act a Princess worthy of Royal treatment. The poor suckers they don’t stand a chance thinking the fish Adam you’re female deserving of all finer things in life of regular Joe might romantically approach her from the perspective that she’s

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 666-670. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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