Leo 17° (August 6)

too good for him but by whom he will do right. Treating her like some insatiable muse he may bankrupt his spirit and bankroll trying to elicit a passionate response from his tributes. What do you typically gets in return Is the luxury of calling her his own. Such a man claims her endowed with status similar to toting around some starlet a statement she makes her very presence to all persons with whom she comes in contact one way or another should have you know she’s special and in scoring her as arm candy many men count themselves the beneficiary of a cosmic miracle. She is willing to give herself to a man She might not even love akin to pondering why it is the ancient sweated Aphrodite to have Festus the answer he’s safe and so totally grateful to be linked with her that little demand will be placed on her. Pisces negotiates resolve into relationships that promise sanctuary a kind of sponsorship that functions for both parties. We never mentioned in pisces man that Einstein connection That real wizard ideal and how he creates miracles or perceives miracles while she is the miracle . She wants to remain in a fishbowl protect it her partner sprinkling whatever she needs for sustenance and providing accoutrement the house by furnishing Holidays that keep the muse from being bored . Sally Bowles serves as this type of muse sometimes there’s simply no pleasing her pisces petitions for more and more comfort and stability proposed outright luxury while lifting nary a finger and still she calls the shots. When and If however circumstances don’t go her way she is not one to abandoned ship rather she slips back into that martyred role she played so readily in her youth.

544 Sighing her way through hard times she makes partner feel responsible for disappointing her. This buys her more freedom as the least her partner can do is leave or put upon pisces in peace. The best that can happen for all concerned is for the mouse of a Mensch to act like a man and stand up to her. she will find this macho display from a partner she had happily written off as meek makes her weak in the knees perhaps. Indeed relationship only survives in the wake of the this man becoming less worshipful. by the same token she allows herself to grasp the latent male animal lurking within this sort of mate as he progressively asserts himself by palatable degrees. Indeed pisces metaphorical allergy to human Is based on either an inbred or conditioned fear of susceptibility to their power. Again often a result of an unfortunate liaison in her youth. Sooner or later though every pisces woman in one way or other forced to face the natural attraction That she has to zodiacs luber female feels for the more overstated males of the species

just as gay man Might find pices perfect icon The regular Joe will see her as a sort of step up self possessed ego driven Alpha male views or as grade A ***** that needs to be taken down a peg. Any piscean partnership with a man Less eminently masculine than she is feminine is bound to be lopsided. Still there is such mental indeed psychic Gulf between her and proverbial man’s man that is no easy task to fuse the two except on the physical level of attraction. Part and parcel of pisces prim proper this is her signature repression of sexual energy. Taking again Blanche dubois as an example she is as repulsed by Stanley’s base behavior as she is betrayed by her innate attraction to him. Every pisces no matter how many FOMO or henpecked husband they’ve hidden behind is fairly itching to play lady chatterley to some raw hunky games keeper. In the case of the bath and booze happy Blanche eventually raped by Stanley she suffers a nervous breakdown so severe it sends her bundled up in her della robia blue to the funny farm that profound piscean rockbottom. And yet according to Gore Vidal Tennessee Williams claimed that blanched experience is a full recovery and reclaims diva status by opening a Premier dress shop. Stanleys right rogering shatters her illusions allowing her to surface auriel productive character. She like all pisces woman finds her true self esteem which had been repressed all along with past pain and fear. Still a good screw isn’t the only key to pisces well being. The sexy momma aspect of herself doesn’t miraculously replace The Virgin Madonna or that psychic wise woman These two of her three faces keep her more latent libidinous tendencies in check even when they surface with a startling vengeance .

546 The message isn’t that pisces Blanche truly needs beastly Stanley in order to find happiness rather despite the perks of being poked by such a male figure a rough and ready guy is ironically not nearly man enough for her a relationship with so singular macho character is an explosive match where in love bond Does take on Dynamics of war Nope she needs far more well rounded a figure for that.

Tried it triple goddess clearly phallic one wielded by male gods Hindu Shiva the Shamrock God Poseidon 80s as well as the demonized Christian devil who begot the Antichrist upon the medieval Blanche floor the Lily maid who symbol fleur-de-lis Trident like . It represents the triple phallus the exact endowment it takes to mate with the three fold pisces goddess. Pisces needs a partner who is a combination of all three aspects of manhood that appealed to her and various needs. Anybody in relationship with pisces will concur she can be the most demanding least easily satisfied of women. Weather her archetypal nature that dictates this quality or her nature that gives rise to comparisons with the threefold goddess his rather chicken in the egg Alpha Omega a dilemma . 1/3 male love object 1/3 humble provider 1/3 masculine beast. He must have that three pronged key to access her multifarious affections. He needs to be emotionally sensitive material serving sexually virile. She neither requires a man of whom she could take control nor one who will be controlling of her period rather she gives a man charge of the relationship unwilling as she is to take on the role herself. All responsibility is delegated to him. But it must be clear that it is hers to entrust in the 1st place. Even in the most perfect rare relationship scenario pisces will still seek to dissolve into the protection of the bond. With this triple pranke her man is the ultimate gatekeeper entrusted with the duty of keeping the world of pay period not to say that she might not hold down a job or otherwise interact with people though and many cases she won’t it’s just that being a pisces woman alone is a full-time occupation. She is preoccupied with herself and how well or not she’s being treated by others. Her partner comes under the most direct scrutiny expected to display kind of respect do a virtuous Madonna to express the sort of sexual desire any sacred harlot would require and to afford her the brand of material comfort she deserves . Even so a mate might find this is not enough


the unsuspecting fellow who falls for her gets more than he bargained for generally apparent quickly . For someone so untouchable and hard to get she expects the bond to become instantly serious. She moves from one major relationship to another Meanwhile craving the confines of even a troublesome bond . When she happens appan Someone who fits her unconscious criteria she wastes no time securing the connection Not above using sex as meant. She needs sofoula man’s attention As to border on obsession. This is evidenced by maniacal jealous streak fueled by her wild imagination period of course in suspecting a mate is taking up with every floozy there is an element of the pot calling the kettle black. High seas may stop at nothing if she spies a primate and his marital status is of little consequence. Dissolving as she does into experience sexualises and pisces has had her illusions shattered more than a few times. Can be extra compliant when it comes to a man’s needs in the bedroom or any other room. Especially true when negotiating herself into a new bond. She may pull the horror card when she feels she has to. Providing profound sexual experiences quickest way she knows of putting man under her spell. No no women Can sweep a man office feet or out of his marriage quicker than she. She is someone other women are loathe to find themselves facing off with and the love triangle she is always victorious like Aphrodite at the judgment of Paris.

No where is her paradoxical nature more evident than *********** behavior. For this subjectively fueled creature sex something meant to be personal and experience I’ll be the one thing in life tord which is ultimately wholly objective. Rarely will her urges be suppressing as to rule her something even a prolific pisces like annias nin Seems to escape in her multitude of experience. Pisces enjoys Eroticism even in the form of dime store novel endowed with the talent for exterior rising sex whether it be her own writing or in blatant exploration of the subject in what is otherwise meant to be polite conversation. This dynamic follows her into the bedroom. Too she is open to activities that might make others hair curl. She isn’t so much passive or receptive as she is susceptible two desires of her partner

548 it’s as if she is nothing more or less then What’s needed of her. Utterly available in the moment willing to comply with pension For going around the world open to any and all oral or **** activities with equal nonchalance. She is not a passionate lover pleasure seeming to take her unawares on the other hand she never quite loses her untainted innocent vision of what sex should be more likely than not fantasizing about some underage stud with Peach fuzz on his lip when left alone to her devices. Between sexual bouts she seems to regrow that pure Virgin vision A bubble continually burst much to her delight. She never expects to enjoy the depths of sexual delight or debauch as much as she does and her partner must be prepared to encounter her unfathomable source pleasurable participation . This is where that human aspect of a mate must make itself known For once she gets started there’s no stopping her.

She isn’t particularly active in bed remaining recipient great part from whence gratification stems. Aside from the norm proclivities include being plundered . The proverbial victim of love persuaded to engage in bit of bondage with a trusted partner. Has celebrated a Golden wedding anniversary her mate will always remain somewhat a stranger to her period she is never want to discuss her internal workings ; She’d sooner do so in Group therapy or 12 step program. There must remain a line between the sexes whereby she’s allowed to Stew in the juices of her own imagination Pursuing solo creative yearning or simply alternating her days between good books good naps and a few good nips in the evening. Spending time with a partner generally gives all her attention and energy to listening to his worldly workings issues problems offering him sage consideration and counsel. Same with sex it’s all about him she is most likely to get off on a man indulging himself within an all over her period she wants to be confronted with the guys lost far more than she wants to share in some mutual expression Of it. Sex should take pisces to the limit weather straight up intercourse aimed at breaking her record for the most orgasm’s can a single night or by playing out his sexual fantasies particularly those that involve imposing control over the ecstatically floundering fish. Submissive fantasies abound and activities where she is prone to elicit his dominant nature. Then the kindness of strangers dynamic in more cases than she care to admit drives places in search of steady stream of one night stands or no strings booty calls

549 the personal sex ads and their online equivalents where women are doubtless the minority placing notices well the majority of said minority is this most wanted of signs


in a long time relationship a narrow desire to please man Unconscious guys for satisfying herself. This comes to a screeching halt at mere mention of lesbian play for partners benefit. She is loath to introduce another woman into the mix as being too jealous and competitive she wouldn’t generally be able to bear his attention directed at anybody else but her. After all she works harder than most and indulging his demands outrageous ones included. She’s not about to then see her allure and his appreciation diluted by a guest appearance of some auxiliary T&A. But it’s definitely not the idea of girl on girl action that puts her off

truth be told she as the most sapphic side points to double standard where same-sex is concerned. Despite being magnet for gay men As friends the fish typically finds the notion of gay male sex rather repulsive I don’t think that’s true anymore but she would especially Bihar Donna mate who is prone to switch hitting but when it comes to girl gain as she is most forgiving to say the least to generalize wildly seems that a large proportion of pisces women possess latent lesbianism often she’s blatantly bisexual and makes no bones about it. Many a straight even married pisces Has gay fantasies and friendships that border on flirtation. Even when doesn’t have such feelings she’s surrounded by lesbian cronies maybe the honorary dich among them. As personal demons are faced overtime she loses herself less and less in substances and immerses more and more in self help that inevitably leads to her helping others . This gives rise to involvement in charitable causes public welfare concerns in general positive manifestation of piscean dissolution wherein she gives herself over to selfless deeds and profound service. Straight or gay she increasingly associates with people who are on similar tracks owning up to themselves and clearing away subconscious cobwebs. As a result she may encounter men and women with issues surrounding addiction. Forming friendships with individuals is director for her and many of these bonds are based on a code of anonymity perfectly in keeping with her signs Association with secrecy and isolation. Bonds with other women generally form the basis and theme of female societal condition. When it comes to feelings and concerns about being a woman including the topic of sexual relations between ladies she doesn’t bat an eye. In accordance with eternel paradox that is pisces woman There is no glitch between beliefs or behaviors and those who identify as gay or straight most considering themselves to be by it would mean Little to any heterosexual price is willing to admit gay tendencies as it would to a lesbian fish to exit a long term relationship and find yourself falling into something serious with a man. Or sexual preference is concerned she is fishing. Her modis operandi changes little whether involved with man or woman. She wants to be coddled in catered to. Though she’s drawn to strong women who possess qualities she finds enviable worship goes right out the window by the time Sheena lover hit the sheets. There it’s the same old story she wants to be done for pretty much shying away from any substantial form of of reciprocation. Despite how orgasmic things may be her lesbian relationships appear rather sexless to the public eye. Indeed with the bedroom out of sight out of mind for her gay bonds smack of a sort of non niche monastic life. Relationships are kind of sister hood based on mutual better man shot through with shared spiritual aspirations. Still a pisces plays the home that he planning cooking meals while her lover willingly takes on the breadwinner role. The fish flourish is in situations where she can make her partner proud. Should her lover invite friends around pisces will always prided herself on furnishing most elegant of gatherings, understated and unladen by ceremony , always marked by quality of creating memories SP fits this internally creative creature in his company one feels blessed with the ability to take part in some epic unfolding of life the way it was meant to be to be lived the world of the pisces woman truly feels enchanted as if existing out of time and those presents in her presence gain the sense of escaping banalities of life that typically threatened to play them

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 671-675. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.  (For thirty days this paragraph will include this parentheses to say: I realized that in the summer of 2016 I actually didn’t post for some time, such that for the expanse of two months, I will continue to number the past Blagues, as above, five at a time, but there will be nothing to post from that period.)


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree point of the Sabian Symbol may at times be one degree higher than the one listed here. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365/6 days per year—so they nearly, but not exactly, correlate.

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