If you’re one of the handful of people who actually reads the Cosmic Blague then you’ll know that the Capricorn symbols over nearly the past month have all dealt, in some way or another with Time and Tradition which are two keynotes of the sign whose overall theme is that of Structure and Containment—did you know Capricorn rules the skeleton and skin? Well it does. So there. Myaaaah. (Sticking tongue out at you.) I’m in a weird mood today. I have been quite structured and contained myself and I think it’s making me a little cuckoo. Anyway, the next symbol up is A Store Filled With Precious Oriental Rugs at Capricorn 25°, ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence. As is typical, whenever Libra rears its beautiful abstract head we are talking about artistic and aesthetic influences. The rug symbolizes a basis on which we stand or build, the cultural and artistic process involved in the creation of the rug enhances personal comfort and appreciation. In the case of prayer rugs, they can have spiritual significance as well, art and spirituality often being linked in civilization.

Unlike the previous symbol where renunciation of comforts was a prerequisite to spiritual transcendence, here a little Libra pleasure seeking and comfort goes a long way to afford the devotee a basis upon which to pray or meditate without the need for asceticism. Perhaps we needn’t strip away everything to find this transcendence; although, admittedly and ironically it might be more difficult to focus solely on spirituality when on a lush carpet. Then again, maybe not. Or maybe the added challenge (of comfort) will be an obstacle of sorts to overcome.

I can’t help thinking about a magic carpet ride, which might be metaphoric for the use of these rugs for prayer. Surely flying through the air speaks to Libra’s cardinal-air assignation; and mixed with Capricorn energy, both signs seek a certain ascendency. Oriental rugs feature abstract patterns—human figures never appear in Islamic iconography. As the only non-organic sign of the Zodiac, the scales also speaks to the notion of thought forms being made alive, whether one is casting spells or uttering prayers, one uses both mind and spirit in the process of this particular means of transendence, without having to eschew the cultural richness on which the petitioner stands.


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