Leo 9° (July 31)


So last night was a costume thing and we all received togas on (and wigs) to wear on our beds in the afternoon. It wasn’t a murder mystery or anything so there was no role play this time around which was fine by me. It actually took the guess work out of wondering what to wear at dinner so that was also kind of a boonful byproduct. Canapés were the best: caviar with blinis. Honestly I could live on caviar, I really could. I wasn’t shy and made sure i had a goodly amount in my gullet. I took one night off from my signature negroni (how horrible would that be with caviar?) and followed J.T.’s lead and had a vodka martini up (very dry). They were in tiny glasses so I really couldn’t overdo it. We then were ushered upstairs to dine al fresco, perfect; dinner was bison tenderloin with a wine sauce on top of a sun-choke gratin with broccolini and some kind of exotic mushroom. The dessert was meringue with passion fruit. We drank a delicious Rioja with it. First we had that who’s-who game where we had to wear our names on our head for others to see. I had a hard one; and it didn’t help that J.T., on the other end of the table, red mine wrong. I was Constantine the Great and he thought I was Alexander the Great. I almost guessed Alexander except S. asked if she was Alexander so I knew that was wrong. Anyway I wasn’t the last guy to guess-out but nearly. In the end it was N. who was Medusa. Then we had to write a poem for some reason. Anyway I was already losing the plot. And then it was showtime.

I grabbed my computer and used some lens cleaner to spruce up my screen. I did a quick look at E. (with C.) and I did J.T.’s chart on my own and then S. and I looked at Sally and Jessica. So we kind of gave at the office a little which is great and part of what we can bring to the table and, really, nobody had ever seen us in action like this before so why not. We stayed up the latest. Well I did with C. and E. and it was good fun and formative. This morning people were saying how we should have a podcast and they would be right. Breakfast today was all about giving prezzies to J. and J. and then they and Sally and S. and N. and “the boys” and I went into Ponza. J.T. forgot shoes of all things so we got him som flipflops and I got this cool beanie. I’m in love with Ponza and have to learn all about it. I might even like it better than Ischia. I keep forgetting to tell S. what N. said about Ischia being this spa place with hot springs. That is going to be researched as well. I told Sally last night that we might go see an artist friend but S. and I might want to be alone. So I will negotiate that when the time comes.

After our little side trip into Ponza we came back and I went for a little swim. I still get this weird feeling that my left leg is going to cramp as a result of that freaking car accident in 2015. But I did my back dive for K. as she hadn’t seen it and it actually wowed her a little. I just had a little mid morning Americano and I’m getting to catch up on some work which is a good thing. S. and J. and Jess are on the lower deck chatting away and I suspect it’s about relationships but I could be wrong (I often am). We had thought we might have a small lunch given plans for dinner tonight but that was not the case. There was this kind of vegetable pizza slash lasagne thing, chicken meatballs, some kind of white fish of bass variety, maybe, plus rice and tsaziki and a puffy bread and garlicky sunchoke or hummus thing and a wee bit of green salad, followed by fig ice cream, washed down with fizzy water and rosé. J.T. told the funniest story that wove together Anna Wintour, Madonna, Baz Lerman, the Pope and Roger Federer (yes you hear this all right). I’m in absolute love with J.T. he is hysterical. In fact, I’m pretty much in love with everyone on this boat. It has felt so very much like family.

S. and Jess and Sally and J.T. all were sleeping on the top deck when I went up there; I found myself a sliver of banquette and really didn’t think I’d nap but I just wanted to be in the air as the boat steamed on toward Rome. I think I did fall for a few minutes then suddenly N. was hovering over me saying it was time for birthday cake. Cake! We are leaving in two and a half hours for La Pergola for a ten-course meal. We tried to watch the Madonna Eurovision but it wouldn’t download. We started packing our bags and then got showered and ready to go. Two vans took us to the hotel which was fabulously beyond anything I had ever seen in my life; like Chateau Marmont on steroids. We took pictures of each other and the view; a man playing an electric piano far down below at the poolside restaurant serenaded us. We had champagne and nibblies and then sat down to an amazing meal which I have record of thank god, in the form of the menu “momento” they had placed at our plates. We all signed J.’s and Jess’s for their birthday. I have no idea what I wrote so don’t ask me. It was around one-thirty when we left the restaurant which means it was two-thirty when we arrived back at the boat. I actually slept in the car. Don’t know if I was the only one.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.

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