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Let’s talk about examples. Here on your examination couch is a Capricorn female in her thirties. What can you tell us about her and what she fancies?

If this were a client coming to us, she would provide us her birth day, time and place. From that we generate a number of charts that reveal endless things about her, individually. What we have to tell all Capricorn women may be more sweeping, and in more umbrella terms, but it also, paradoxically, gets to the essence of what all Capricorn woman share. As any Capricorn woman, whose archetypes include Mary Poppins, will tell you: It’s sensible to have an umbrella (under which any Capricorn woman’s unique details still thematically fall).

To call herself a Capricorn means that her Sun placement is in Capricorn; but we don’t know anything about the placement of her other planets. So we focus fully on the Sun placement and go deep into the archetype of the sign of Capricorn to increasingly extract fundementals and every facet, really, of her character. We delve all the crannies of the Capricorn “estate”—its elaborate cosmology and symbology, all associative myths and godheads, theenergetic make-up of the sign and its planetary rulership, numerology of the sign, on and on.

There is untold logic in the Zodiac. One might suspect that it is indeed an ancient system. Or as we like to call it: the original twelve-step program.


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