Libra 23°

Self-identification/determination can be positive, yet not always. Is there a concern that typifying a kind of behaviour associated to a birth date could be counter-productive? Eg, I’m a Piscean, I just can’t help myself.

Our brand of astrology is necessarily plastic in its application to people, whether personal clients or a wider readership. It’s all about potential—optimizing gifts and opportunities while negotiating all the negatives, usually from conditioning—which we can see in individual’s charts and which, in oxymoronic “generally specifically” or “specifically general” terms applies, on that wider level, to majorities of those born under the same sign.

We can’t tell anyone why astrology, in its myriad forms and applications, works so accurately. But there are a lot of things we can’t explain. It would seem that, just as a rose blooms in June and a Chrysanthemum, in December, so too do people born at a certain time reflect, or literally personify, the energy of that time. One could say the Zodiac, like life, is hinged on paradox, the culmination being the last yin-yang sign of Pisces with its opposite facing fish. And yes, counting Christ and Blanche du Bois among its archetypal order, Pisces people are indeed prone to temptation; but, for the Fish, it is always a two-way street.


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