Thursday 3

I had this notion for collecting all the random bi-polar ideas i have strewn on snippets of paper everywhere into a solidly ridiculous list


Go through and update the Starsky + Cox canon of songs

Create a Timeline of performances to date.

Check out Yoga Schedule

Research other venues, colleges, museums, theaters and so forth

(Look at other performers’ tour schedules)

Just start booking a few people than a few more)

Pud addresses into Mad Mimi data base and also an excel program

Go through black notebook to separate out various areas of interest

Circle back to Dixon place

Brian Doben photo shoot

Revisit the Gabriel Event Page

Work on the lecture/appearances idea, with a simple something. All the crunchy places.

Woodstock, Hudson, Northampton, Bennington, Cambridge et al

Press release on the e-books for next year

Decide on next years color avant-garde. Based on the game Probe

Lynne and Bill game night

Schedule in the new relationship book

Get in touch with Sirius Radio

Send a press release to Bostonia + Press

Troll list of PR Czars

Make a list of small press book publishers or buy a publishing house

Take over a bookfair (or at least get yourself a booth)

Launch a campaign for the hottest new book agent

Remind how to decoupage walls


Go down a list of Provincetown names and ask them the following questions: Do you know of a good house to rent, would you like to host an artist, Greg St. Jean, would you like to be a sponsor, sparkler—take note of boosting their biz, etc.




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