Aquarius 4° (January 24) 108


I had a dream last night wherein I was “assigned Jack Keroac, others weren’t assigned…

Potato chips on the floor, or rather, as the flooring, all patches into a molten landscape

Probably from almost dying pulling food out of the oven.


Oh how funny I just came upon a list of eight things on a sheet of paper headed Blague:


  • The good die young
  • That anyone else than dumbfuck could be president, like literally anyone else on the         planet would be better.
  • that sycophants are rarely seen through
  • that people often turn the tables and try to make the symptom the cause and they get away with it (see above president)
  • that bisexuals are still seen as the problem despite the fact that everything else goes
  • if you are a new singer and sound like Neil Young you’ll probably get away with having a career and not be called an imitator
  • always being your heaviest as bathing-suit weather approaches.
  • Thelma Ritter.
  • Birds falling from the sky
  • What happened to the female terrorist in the Charlie Hebdo attack
  • Dealing with Friends
  • Coping with modern alienation
  • Mine some of my better blogs
  • Fodder for booksTypos happen—I don’t have time or an intern to edit.*
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