Aquarius 5° (January 25)


Not to say all Aries are Buddhists, but their natural brand of spirituality is hinged on the upper-case Self as the highest form of power, while they tend to be pretty self-y in the bedroom as well. Taurus ache with a need for belonging, seeking and inviting rapture, both spiritual and sexual. Gemini desires communion and community, finding spirituality in the company of others, if not sleeping their way through the congregation. Cancer is all about being born again, real or metaphoric baptism being just another watersport, re-creation and recreation going hand in hand. Leo aspires to godhead—enough said. Virgo is all about the service, whether it be the ritual of a mass or sacred sexual rites, they are programmed to receive. Libra is a creature of divine order and beattitudes—if you don’t take their orders you can expect there will be attitude. Scorpio spirituality is profound and shrouded in mystery just as they are secretive and sphynxlike in sexual relationships. Sagittarius is shamanistic in their visions and expect extreme, exhaustive states of ecstacy in both their spiritual and sexual life. Capricorn takes the pulpit position, in full faith, delivering others from the depths to the heights, back and forth, back and forth. Aquarius is in an eternal state of revelation, forever having their minds blown and blowing others. And Pisces seeks dissolution, to become one with spirit and lose themselves in sexual experience.

The sexual and the spiritual are metaphors for each other.


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