Aquarius 6° (January 26) 110


Everyone complains about mold but we all know that mold, a fungus—like the spore that became fungus that killed bacteria and became penicillin—perhaps mold are in place to naturally fight our razor’s edge fight with bacteria. Perhaps physical bodies are the battleground between fungus and bacteria. Fungus does have a way of adhering, coexisting with and advancing life in a kingdoem all its own. Separate from flora and fauna, fungi is our friend while bacteria, in our own animal kingdown, wants to kill us like a man-eating tiger.

I think it would be funny to personify Fungus as a Scottish character. Fungus, Mingus, Angus, etc. Fungus MacDormant would make a funny name.

Anyway part of me has always wanted to be a mushroom farmer. I don’t know if that’s actually true or if I’m just typing to stuff this Blague full of bulk. But whenever one nears the larger topic of “chucking it all and doing something else” I always think of becoming a mushroom farmer. I really do need to grown things this year. I wonder if I shouldn’t invest in some herb boxes and do a little something of the sort this year. Now I’m off to Google making your own herb boxes so I’ll be right back

Metallurgy is a term I love. I think it would be as interesting to play with metals as with stones and to get into the alchemy perhaps we can include in our business plan. Mythology, mysticism, metaphysics meet metallurgy. I’m so into alchemy right now anyway int terms of what happens in my kitchen and in the combining of herbs and roots and other healing elements from the plant world, which is our apothecary. I want to get into that. And, in and of my ownself, I am open for some divine transmutation myself to match truest desire with purest destiny.

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