Aquarius 7° (January 27)

I have decided to launch a new project which is two-fold. One, I will try to become what I’ve always wanted to be: an actor; testing the George Eliot quotation: “It is never to be to

what you might have been.” Now, as far as career choices go, mine is surely the most cliché. Yet it’s probably the most challenging—not like learning to become a brain surgeon challenging—though, at least when you learn to be a brain surgeon you can be one and get paid for it. This is not true of the actor, even among other artists. Easier if I had always wanted to be a painter and never did because I could just buy all the materials and start painting. But an actor can’t do the same and not be committed by their next of kin. So I think it will be an interesting project to document, write about, perhaps even film portions of, as I go. That could take some money. But wait just a cotton picking minute. If I were to add a conceit of sorts: That I am documenting the life of working actors who make their living on their craft, on their own, without the fame and fortune associated with the profession. What percentage of working actors, I wonder, make up the whole industry. Or rather what percentage do famous actors make up in the entire profession.


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