Aquarius 8° (January 28)


I pulled the Queen of Wands today. What do I like about her? She assuages bruised egos. She is the spritual adviser and the calming influence in her otherwise fiery clan. But, even for her this came through age and maturity. Yesterday I pulled the Emporer. I seem to be on a responsible trip suddenly. She is the cool of kindness.

It’s all about temperance as a tool for spiritual growth. And I get that. It’s the card which says move on. You needn’t react in the ways you once did and you can let go situations that you perhaps didn’t handle in the most temperate of ways. You can’t look back and bemoan a relationship, say, that didn’t pan out because of another if your reaction if you left the relationship pointing a fiery finger. You can only have it one way.

I really feel as if I’m turning a major corner. I’m back to that complete feeling of being so happy that I’m me. I don’t have any mechanism for regret happening. I only want to move forward. I’m feeling especially appreciated by clients. Wow. It’s overwhelming how loved I feel from that quarter.

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