Aquarius 9° (January 29)


Speaking of time and space. How do people deal with death row. How can you be Henry VIII and why are zombies popular. I know life is just preparation for death. How do you live the month leading up to your execution. That’s the true punishment.

I could stop there.

But I am aware that this might be too short and too sweet. I’m going to go look at my finances for a second. And now I’m back. And things are looking rosy which is nice—touch wood. I am very much interested in keeping things to the bone and close to the vest, both together and separately.  But I must beware of isolating.

Soon I will create some Saturday Evening Roasts for the people and invite friends around to the Road House. I do need to reach out to Jim and tell him we’d love to get some herb boxes in and also that we can have the window boxes with geraniums back. I thought I took really good care of them. Who’s Jim, you ask? Oh, well I like to say he’s something between a cousin and an uncle and he officially owns the land on which we live. We live in the original house, the Road House, on the road, no surprise there, eh?

Ah, Canada. We will soon go to Montreal. I will be traveling all through New England once this grant kicks in and staking out all the locales. Ten thousand can secure a lot of developoment, especially when you use up a lot of it having fun in the process. Work and amusement going hand in hand.


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