Aquarius 10° (January 30) 114


Beginning Febraury 19 apparently through March 20, the Blague will focus only on this sick piece I’m writing. The whole month must, in fact be, personal writing. Then from March 21 I’ll be doing a number of daily things. I’ll do my morning tweet and then I’ll revist the Sabian Symbol associated with that day and maybe write a few paragraphs of that but not for the Blague per se although a little something can’t be bad; as I’ll also be saying whatever. I will be working on a separate sex sign a fortnight. The Blague will be synonymos with Twitter and my personal FB I suppose.

Branding the Blague and me as the writer and speaker and S should likewise do her thing daily in the realm of Baronhood. I think we can both start writing vignettes, first taking stock of existing monologues. For me that would mean the Christmas story and the jumping over fence story. Also branding the Blague QC’s take is I can’t tell you why it is I can only tell you that it is. Put out Quotes and Aphorisms by day as QVC, which S can retweet and vice versa.

I have been thinking a lot, lately, about writing in the second person. And it would be really nice to get a dialogue going between the two of us.

Here also is a list of topics as suggestions as triggers for writing said Blague:


  1. Dreams
  2. Questionnaires
  3. Memos (Cartoonlike)
  4. Open Letters (With the above Memos comes from To-Do list)
  5. Tell a Quick Story
  6. Plan (A party)
  7. A poem or song
  8. Schemes. Talk me through it.
  9. Dada (typing in exactly whatever you find on paper then throw that paper away)
  10. In memory of….
  11. A magic spell
  12. Comment on a repost of past



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