Is it me or are these Sagittarius symbols pretty boring so far. I haven’t been inspired to write more than a few sentences about them these past few days. And now, at Sagittarius 4° we have A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents. Great. A million thoughts spring to mind. Not. Remember when people used to say Not? Godz that was bad. Maybe because it’s Thanksgiving and I really do detest holidays I’m just in a mood. But I don’t know. What would you do with this symbol other than say it’s about overcoming certain gravity? And when we do so in life we do need some guiding forces to set an example? This certainly is a right of passage. Taking your first steps. It’s always a big deal. It is a glaring example of growth and entering a crucial new stage in life. I’d like to think that I’ve learned to walk, but I suppose, in some ways, I’m still going at a crawl. Not in all ways but in some ways. The growth here is self-motivated, while there are those waiting and watching. They know it’s a big deal. They also know that you’re now becoming capable of existence outside their control—you could just run off. In future when I encounter a planet on this degree of the Zodiac, I will assume that a milestone is in store.


Sagittarius (the Sage) is in large part about mentorship, so having guiding forces, or being one, might be highlighted at this juncture. Nurture is endemic here too and this sign is ruled by Cancer in a twelve-fold sequence. I always like the combination of Sagittarius and Cancer because it allows for risk with a careful eye on security. I like couple combinations of Sadge and Cancer peeps too. We need teachers, just as we find ourselves teaching. I have a godchild and I realize that his Sun falls at this degree. That’s a little cool and crazy. Okay, maybe these Sadge Sabian symbols are growing on me. This one is all about growth, after all. I think encouragement is probably a keynote. Think of the word, courage, which is at its root. You know what it really means? A clear course or path, not the leonine emotion which we assign it. It should means a clear shot. Very archer. Just as the archer who shoots might not know where the arrow has landed; so too we’ve no idea where the child will go once it begins to walk. It brings up the same question. What marks will we hit as we move forward and shoot for our goals?

Sagittarius is often about guidance, and we see that point hit home at this degree juncture.

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