Sagittarius 27° (December 19)


Had rehearsal in a part of Brooklyn to which I have never gone before and wouldn’t rush to go ahead I’m afraid. I’m always struck by how ugly certain areas of New York City can be. How grey and depressing and void of trees or any kind of charm. We did have a lovely rehearsal though and it was good to see the band. Stella and I returned to the hotle and had something snacky. She was going to meet an old friend for dinner and decided to have it in the hotel. I had a little wine and then headed over to see Amber Martin’s “Reba’s C*untry Christmas” show at the Stonewall, as Patrick was in it. This person called Xavier who once attacked me and Penny Arcade on social media was there; I tried to be the bigger person and introduced myself and extended my hand which he refused to shake. We the ones who aren’t the perps are often the ones to extend olive branches wrapped around peace pipes. I had already sent my so-called nemesis, who was also in the show, a quick text heads-up to let him know I’d be there. I know what it’s like to perform and to see someone in the audience you might be uncomfortable glaring back, but I didn’t hear back and he probably didn’t care or turned it around on me. It doesn’t much matter. I take responsibility for having rubbed people the wrong way. But we Libras tend to do that because we can be brutally honest and we do tend to have great expectations of (read: become heavily disappointed by) others. Ghandi is a Libra. And he surely rubbed people the wrong way. Nothing wrong with that kind of friction. Anyway saw some people I liked but realized some other in the performance community were also snubbing me and I thought, ah-ha, the poison had really set in. I don’t mind. I needed to make some more room for new friends on FB, for instance, so I returned home to happily block a few of the obvious haters. After having reconnected with Stella and her friend and a client who were all gathered together in the hotel bar having a night cap. Made it an early one since we had to perform the next day.


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