Cancer 17°

Sorry folks I deleted the last post apparently I don’t know what month it is. So Moon in Capricorn not Sagittarius. Mars and Sun are conjunct opposing a conjunct of Moon and Pluto. That’s intense. Mars is pure directive energy named for the war god, it is survival of the fittest, competitive, aggressive. We might all be feeling ourselves. Pluto Moon spells transformation on a deep emotional and psychological level. Pluto, named for the god of death and the underworld, symbolic of the subconscious, signals endings which are only ever regenerations. That means our relationships to experience—work, creative projects, rituals and, yes, relationships themselves—are changing, such that you won’t feel the same as you did before about some things. People, places, things may be knocked off pedestals and Self-Reliance becomes the theme of the weekend.

Identity issues are playing a big part today. Beware of being co-dependent. For me that means being mindful to not be too forgiving. I really am a pushover when it comes to sincere emotions. If someone is contrite, even though they may’ve done me wrong, I find it hard not to soften. I suppose it’s simpler that way; in some ways; not all. But it never adds up to anything positive to voice your opinions in certain situations; people can hold a grudge against you for magnanimously pointing out grievous errors, even those for which, say, if you were to sue, you’d win. But the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get oiled. Sometimes it gets removed and replaced with a new one.

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