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The first most important thing I said to you and Emma before we moved forward into any other conversation was that Glow Festival was its own entity, with its own brand identity and its non-profit status. I said we can’t move forward without that understanding and you agreed. I have said, in writing and in conversation that our logo needs to appear on every bit of print or media collateral. I hammered that point home when we went over the webpages. I have asked to see anything you’ve created in print or web and have been shown nothing. Never mind the fact that you would have had to consult me on anything advertising my company—although that’s the point isn’t it, these ads don’t advertise the company that is the Glow Festival, you credit yourself as the producer in these ads, stamping your logo on an ad for something called Glow Festival featuring my artists.

If this morning is any indication then the Full Thunder Moon tonight , just after midnight, is going to be s w e e p i n g…….Moon in Sagittarius a sign ruled by Jupiter, named for the chief god who is armed with lightning and thunderbolts; a mutable-fire sign befitting that fire in the sky synonymous with flashes of genius on one hand and the devastation of excess on the other.

You may have noticed from the previous post that I have been having an issue, without naming names. But, in case I do need a pro bono lawyer, the publication of that last Blague will serve as a reminder to me of what has been going down. I’d like to think people are stupid rather than cruel, but I suppose both states of mind come under the heading of thoughtless.

It’s boring being right all the time. And the good one, so-called, who does everything thoughtfully and thoroughly and ever in consideration of how it affects others. It’s so much work being constantly forgiving. Few people take into account the collateral destruction of their moves. I’m tired of always picking up some sword of righteousness, I really am. Shadiness is an effect, even, when it’s not an intention.

Anyway the atmosphere feels thick. Where we live there are chickens—two coops in fact, divided by age group. The older hen house is currently going nuts. One time last year they screamed like this and a fox had taken one of them. That doesn’t seem the situation today. And they are all inside, not out in the pen so I can’t tell what’s up. And I don’t care. They are annoying and they make me sad. I hate the treatment of any animal as I thing. I can tell, even from the way they wish to interact with me on any given day, that they are sensitive and if not intelligent still sentient beings. Right now, though, I wish they’d just shut the fuck up.

I think there is something in the ether, though, all said. There is a tension in the air. Can you feel it? No because you’re not reading this. Nobody is. Someday someone might discover my Blague, or maybe I’ll even promote it, at some point but I really do have enough on my plate right now.


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