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I’m going to try and keep my voice from showing the full breadth of emotion I’m feeling over a collection of topics, but I know that my expressing any passion, especially where I have any worry or concern, I don’t want to represent myself as being angry. And I certainly don’t want to blow anything out of proportion. So its best to take points separately lest they create this compound tension.

We need to talk about money, which you alluded to in our last conversation when you said you were trying to “crunch the numbers” more in my favor. I heard what was empathy and perhaps a little guilt in your voice, which also harkened me back to that Sunday in February when you and D were together writing me emails. Something we never really talked about after the fact. Day drinking perhaps?

But let me relate some things to you that have said in my process with working with you guys before we get to the ad. Dating back to when A was there. Well, as you know over the years I have come in contact with people who have worked with O, performed there, did tech there and with a dozen people in the press, journalists and editors, and also people in grant world. With increasing regularity I get questions like so why did you choose O and then more leading questions like, well, are they making you pay a crazy guarantee? They will then go on to relate stories of various theater companies and creatives that have worked there and had terrible difficulties, all in regard to money. Weird fees, crazy fines and so on and so forth. I agreed to the ultimatum on price with the proviso that I would be shown itemized documentation of what I was paying for per night, as, and we discussed this, I actually need to break down being a 501 c 3 operation.

I think I was immune to this as producing B there and all of G series didn’t require me to pay any guarantee. When it came to the F I fought you on your very high guarantee but I was told you couldn’t do it otherwise, a stance you have since softened on. So here I am guaranteeing to pay you up to $9K, $9K of money that earned through donations to my non-profit company. It is my non-profit company that is in effect guaranteeing to rent the space and cover your costs. Never mind how flush or not flush O or ART are. My money is from people who give me donations.

The first most important thing I said to you and E before we moved forward into any other conversation was that Fwas its own entity, with its own brand identity and its non-profit status. I said we can’t move forward without that understanding and you agreed. I have said, in writing and in conversation that our logo needs to appear on every bit of print or media collateral. I hammered that point home when we went over the webpages. I have asked to see anything you’ve created in print or web and have been shown nothing. Never mind the fact that you would have had to consult me on anything advertising my company—although that’s the point isn’t it, these ads don’t advertise the company that is the F, you credit yourself as the producer in these ads, stamping your logo on an ad for something called F featuring my artists.

For shame.

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