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Lately days have been great and odd. And dreams have been o-t-t vivid. Spent a few hours on the beach yesterday in the town that I live which is Wellfleet where the beaches are the best on the planet to me. The beach combines everything I love in a beach: natural cliffs, but not too steep; many tidal pools and sandbars that creates all these little worlds, great often quite big waves for body surfing, my childhood sport (of which I had many dreams last night I realize while writing this) and diversity.

It’s funny because people would think that Wellfleet would be homogenous whereas Provincetown would be diverse. Not so. Provincetown beaches are pretty much segregated into “boy beach” which is far flung so people can get naked and do bad things; “lesbian beach” which is very close to the parking lot because they bring a lot of stuff; the sort of “townie” beach which is basically just an extension of the parking lot and their RVs and their mini grills. And then there is the far extension where people who fancy themselves the elite queers go (our beach); and then there are more serious off-road recreational folk. That’s it.

Whereas Wellfleet has surfers and Jewish intelligentia and ivy league lovers and heroin addicts and frustrated naturalists and families and rich, yacht-rocking Trump voters and supermodels and, though the beach might be super busy, the entire expanse is in absolute silence as if every person is sound-proofed, it is weird and truly amazing. So yeah, I need to add to that list in this paragraph to make my premise work—and I will. And I will come back and edit it and nobody will ever be the wiser.

I was meant to have a little bit of a break but I’l be heading to Boston this week to do some TV and radio. Suddenly commercials for “cool sculpting” where they freeze your fat away are holding a little bit of appeal. Anway I should be very grateful to be on television to promote what I’m doing. But pin in that….


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