Virgo 16° (September 7)

Day Twenty Six E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Steve Carrel dream. Went to MAC’s cod and mashed potatoes. MN has completely dissed me in regard to working on websites. The damage continues to amass. I’m still being treated like a criminal of sorts and, despite the fact that accusations have been hurled at me regarding defamation, it might seem that the slander is on the other foot. I mean, there is no reason why I am being personally and professionally shunned in this process. All I ever do is sing praises and yet I have been awarded pariah status in several parts. It is not making me happy to say the least. Maybe some more poetry is called for:

What a bunch of crap is this

how long they expect me to stay.

I walk in intent on rifling

my way through but I am

made to wait

and meditate

on my chi.

I perceive my actions

to fulfill my needs

and the fact remains

I am


and need not be.

Like this book

A Plow in the Mountains

gets me through tough territory—

made of moments like

“Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me”—

I have been healing

myself feeling

there is a little a little potion out there. 

It might not be enough. I may not ever be. I will have to divine my own path forward. I will ask the King to be a member of the board. I will move both him and Terry into place. I have so much to go through. I will look back on this time when I touched every photo and every love letter and ever memory and be grateful I did it when I did. I will take these vilified feelings and wrap myself up in them as if they are a blanket, a shield against mere elemental forces. I will get my mind back to the poetics of the thing I will write every day. I will work on my memoirs and on all my materials. I will look at the 2020 Blagues for insight into what is or isn’t a good story for tha annals. I will work through the issues. I will write books I hope. I will afford a place in the country to put all my earthly belongings, from which I can still continue to live in Ptown and/or travel.

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