Sagittarius 1° (November 23)


This was Thanksgiving Day. I don’t remember being terribly happy when all was said and done. I know I was alone drinking red wine and making food and by the time it was all cooked I was so full I couldn’t eat any of it. At moments like that you think, well, maybe I should have opted to be around people after all; then again, the same-sameyness of being someone without family come holiday time makes me want to bolt familiar settings completely, escaping to some European enclave. I want to see the small towns of Alsace and such places. I want to be based in another reality where education and health care is covered and not everyone has a gone even if for killing a surplus of deer. It’s American even in New England. And we’re back to the pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

Ever been to Plymouth rock? That’s all it is. Anyway I think the plan for tomorrow is to get the ad up and running and then draft a sponsor letter while running through and sending all A.F. people their book. So that will be #4. And the kitchen set up should be #5. There will be one or two new things to write for the design documents we’re working on. And whatever else pops to mind tomorrow can become present-day entries. Then Friday’s challenge is to write the 24 off the top of my head new evolutionary feeling snapshots that can serve as the front matter for next year’s horoscope books.

What might be a good follow up to that is the devising of the newsletter, with its various components. That could be very helpful in killing birds. Before you know it Billy Boy you will be working solely on your creative solo project, allowing your many fans of the Blague applaud you all the while toward your next soaring success. Right now you must be content with punching your way out of a paper bag. It does seem a bit insane en route, but I think the logic will be revealed. If we stay super close to the bone, all will be possible and all will be revealed.


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