Scorpio 30° (Nov 22)


I was in Wellfleet on this day and made some kind of Pasta for dinner while gearing up for an entire Thanksgiving weekend meal(s) for myself, since I was going to be very much alone. I know I was already compartmentalizing on many levels. I recently came across a piece of paper (I chucked out) which outlined the timing with which I had to prep X or psre-cook Y so that I could have a seamless cooking schedule on Thursday and a nice roll-out of leftovers to eat since I would be alone for a total of four days. This day, like today, is a Wednesday, in preparation of some alone time. But in my case it won’t happen for another three days. Still we know how fast that can be. There must be something I can froth together.

I was musing yesterday on how nice it would be to have budget to stay over in Ptown when wanting a full night there a few times a month. I think just always have hotel 2night at the ready. Same for other areas of the Cape. It would be a blast to go to the Ocean House some Spring night and stay at one of the nearby Inns. I actually think I prefer something like that. Or somewhere in the center of Chatham just for a laugh. One really must laugh. I can for sure add that sort of thing to the budget for the coming year. It’s all a crap shoot anyway. I’ve been thinking too about getting high. I was surprised to hear the story about Ezra and J. I can’t imagine dealing with a dealer.

Nowadays it’s legal. So maybe people just give you some and then with a wink you give them an early cash Christmas present? I think it’s great but, being a new phenomenon, in a landscape of nothing quite being, never mind the same but, as it should be. It just adds to the surreality. I don’t recognize this world. It makes me want to regress. To the eighth grade. Where I can tuck into my sister’s bigger full-size bed, she being at college for what will prove just over a semester total, and turn on Family on a…Sunday night I think it was? I want Kristy MacNicol’s problems. What was her name on the show? Something junior lesbianic. Oh, Buddy! That’s right of course it was.


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