Scorpio 29° (Nov 21)

On November 21, I awake in Wellfleet and my diary from that day reads:

Cheese and bread and soup dinner. And I wrote, here, on that very day:

I find that I rise to my full powers around this time of year, if I had to put a cyclical lense on my psychic abiltity per annis. Last night was a sliver of a sliver of a sliver Moon, just a day and a few degrees off the New. We talk about dangling the psychologist and psychic spin of the Starsky + Cox brand, but the truth is there is truthiness without pushing. People find us. We have never solicited a single client.

All of this is true and I’m temped to cut and paste it but really where does one put things like this. Not surprisingly I felt such power in the sign of Scorpio. I suppose into a Blague that is supposed to be funny but isn’t. And boy oh boy do I feel the opposite of self-promoting. That will change. I really need cut my losses with some people I realize. I’m going to have to go into a certain shop, for instance, and pretend that nothing happened.

 It looks like maybe Stella would have alreaded headed to viisit family. I stay behind. I know I can have what feels natural without having to lean too far out of my comfort zone. I’m thinking about many things, no doubt. Not least of which is Social Media. 

Q will man the S+C Twitter account and S will mind the Instagram. The plan is to be up and running on some kind of system by 12:15 PM on March 20 with the Spring Equinox.

I believe I will start the Sabian Symbols. Will likely present whatever Sabian Symbol that is, hopefully also kind of cuspy. And then start with 1° Aries on the 21st. I’ll also be studying the Aries Man for a fortnight. I’ll be telling the people that’s what I’m doing. Particularly on FB. All the Next book research will be primarily based in Facebook.

 I will do weather report every morning as the morning tweet from S + C. I can use random imagery or Sabian imagery—though the more I think about it the lighter I would go on this, but keep this as my private project. I can mention the Sabian Symbol. But might just stick to mentioning anything astrological that’s occuring or something says smooth sailing or some sort. As far as research for next book goes I think I shall put things in the form of a question, maybe pulling from Sextrology and debating about it so…I think QuinnCox on Twitter should be synonymous with the Blague but of course retweet whatever S+C Twitter tweets. All S+C tweets should also be landing on S+C Facebook page which then can be shared on private pages plus Sextrology, Haute Astrology, Cosmic Coupling and in the S+C group.

The midday S+C tweet will vary by day. The seven revolving themes are TK but include: “Today is the Day…” , perhaps something to do with the Kitchen or in the meantime some remerching and for sure some kind of V-Day advertisement. I’m on it.


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